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Monkey Elder Portrait

Monkey elders spawned during the Lunar Festival event. A monkey elder portrait could also be earned during the event.


The monkeys had a 50% chance of spawning every match, provided at least one member of a player's team had yet to complete the daily quest that involved capturing them. They were similar to treasure goblins, but moved much faster, and took at least three heroes to capture him. Once a hero got within range, a red band would appear between them and the monkey. He could be slowed using abilities. If captured, he would drop an envelope holding 100 gold.


  • A description of Monkey elder can be found within the game data: "An ancient spirit of the Lunar New Year Festival. He is wise and warm to the heroes of the Nexus, and after playing a bit of a game where they need to catch him, he grants them blessings for the New Year."

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