Heroes of the Storm Wiki

Basic Info
Role Bruiser Bruiser
Difficulty Hard
Franchise Warcraft Warcraft
Release Date September 8, 2015
Base Stats
Attack Type Melee
Health 1520
Health Regen 3.1718
Resource None
Unit Radius 0.9375
Attack Speed 0.83
Attack Range 1.5
Attack Damage 50
Data Page

Misha is a Heroic Pet that joins Rexxar in battle. Misha's movement can be controlled using Rexxar's Misha, Focus and Misha, Charge abilities.


Warcraft This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft universe.

Rexxar's trusted companion, Misha is a bear who will fight at Rexxar's side whenever she is called upon. Misha battles ferociously, and loyally follows Rexxar to every location he travels to. Rexxar is very protective of Misha when they enter civilized areas, and ensures that the bear stays close to him.

Misha accompanied her master in the aftermath of the Third War in the battles of Kalimdor against Daelin Proudmoore. Years later, Misha found the body of an orc named Byrok. She carried him on her back to Orgrimmar.

She was later seen by her master's side in the Stonetalon Mountains, Desolace, and Feralas. Misha accompanied Rexxar through the Dark Portal to Outland and could be found in the Thunderlord Stronghold in the Blade's Edge Mountains.

Misha continues to follow her master on the Broken Isles during the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth. She is also briefly seen in Undercity at a ceremony hosted by Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner.


  • Misha is a Russian diminutive name, derived, in most cases, from the masculine name Mikhail (Michael). In folk tales, it also serves as the diminutive for Medved which means "bear" in Russian. Bears are frequently encountered as characters in Russian folklore.