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Mira Han
Mira Han Announcer.png
Character Information
Title Mira Han
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Relative(s) Matt Horner (husband, technically)
Affiliation Mira's Marauders
Voice actor Kath Soucie

Mira Han is a terran mercenary, crime lord, and the leader of Mira's Marauders. Mira Han appear as announcer on the PvE Brawl Deadman's Stand and is an unlockable announcer in Heroes of the Storm.


StarCraft This section concerns content exclusive to the StarCraft universe.

Mira Han founded the group Mira's Marauders, pulling from various mercenary groups across the Koprulu Sector. Soon the Marauders became known for their brutality and intimidating style, using scrap metal and spikes to modify their weapons and armor. She became the primary power in the mercenary and criminal haven of Dead Man's Rock, and in spite of her brutal and self serving nature brought a semblance of order to the anarchy of the planet.

Captain Matt Horner was forced to marry Mira Han after winning a poker game. Horner said he would not have played had he known what the prize was, and made little effort to maintain contact with her afterward. Horner, for his part, considers Han to be, "One of the meanest and craziest mercenary leaders alive. Han helped Jim Raynor retrieve an adjutant containing information implicating Arcturus Mengsk in the slaughter of Tarsonis from a man named Colonel Orlan. When Horner later needed Orlan to help rescue Raynor from Mengsk, Han refused to release him without Raynor's permission, and Horner was forced to fight the woman who claimed to be his wife to release him and save his commander.


  • Images of Mira Han and the symbol of Mira's Marauders also appear in the background of the Warhead Junction battleground.


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