Heroes of the Storm Wiki

The minimap is a UI element that represents the Battleground's map on a smaller scale. It displays in real time the location and status of structures, heroes, some abilities (like Ragnaros' Lave Wave), minions, catapults, monsters and objectives. The minimap is subject to team vision, with unseen areas covered by the fog of war.

Right clicking anywhere on the minimap will command the hero to move to that location. However, this option can be turned off to prevent missclicks. ALT + left-clicking an enemy Hero portrait will ping that Hero's location on the Minimap if they are within allied vision. If that enemy is outside of allied vision, a chat message will inform allies that the Hero is missing.

Minimap Awareness[]

Minimap Awareness in Heroes of the Storm refers to the degree to which a player is aware of what's going on throughout the battlefield through information gleaned from the minimap, which you can find in the lower-right corner of the screen. In addition to providing you the location of your own teammates, the minimap will reveal opponents' positions while they are visible to your team. It will also indicate when objectives and Mercenary camps are available, and the status of all fortifications.

By regularly keeping an eye on your minimap, you are in a much better position to make informed decisions about where you should be focusing your efforts. Are there three enemy Heroes visible on the other side of the map? Maybe it's time to team up and take down that half-health enemy fort.[1]


Minimap Icons[]

Battleground Icons[]

Icon Description
Generic Icons
Minimapicon core.png The Core
Minimapicon town.png A Fort or a Keep
Minimapicon healingfountain.png A Healing Fountain
Minimapicon catapult.png A catapult
Minimapicon watchtower.png A watchtower
Minimapicon merccamp.png A Siege Camp
Minimapicon elitemerccamp.png A Bruiser Camp
Minimapicon golemmerccamp.png A Boss Camp
Minimapicon mercenary.png Mercenary on the lane
Battlefield of Eternity
Minimapicon heaven immortal.png Ilarian
Minimapicon hell immortal.png Beleth
Blackheart's Bay
Minimapicon piratecaptain.png Blackheart
Minimapicon ghostship.png Blackheart's Ghostship
Minimapicon treasurechest.png The Treasure Chests
Minimapicon piratecamp.png Skeleton pirate
Braxis Holdout
Minimapicon beacon.png Braxis Holdouts beacons
Minimapicon healthgenerator.png A Globe Generator
Minimapicon pen.png Zerg Holding Pens
Minimapicon beacon.png Braxis Holdouts beacons
Minimapicon zerg.png The Zerg Wave
Cursed Hollow
Minimapicon raventribute.png Tribute
Dragon Shire
Minimapicon sunshrine.png The northern Shrine of the Sun
Minimapicon moonshrine.png The southern Shrine of the Moon
Minimapicon dragonknight.png The Dragon Knight
Garden of Terror
Minimapicon gardenfertilesoil.png Fertile Soil
Minimapicon gardengolem.png Garden Terror
Minimapicon gardenhorror.png The Shamblers
Minimapicon gardenseed.png Seeds
Minimap hanamura payload icon.png Hanamura Payload
Haunted Mines
Minimapicon golemspawnpoint.png The Grave Golems spawnpoint for each team
Minimapicon mineentrance.png Waygate into the Mines
Minimapicon minesgolem.png The Bone Golem within the Mines
Minimapicon mineskeleton.png The Skeletons within the Mines
Infernal Shrines
Minimapicon shrine active.png The Shrines
Minimapicon minesgolem.png The Punisher
Sky Temple
Minimapicon skytempletop.png The northern Crocodile Temple
Minimapicon skytemplemid.png The middle Snake Temple
Minimapicon skytemplebot.png The southern Jackal Temple
Tomb of the Spider Queen
Minimapicon spiderqueen turnin.png The Spider Queens Altars
Minimapicon spiderqueen souleater.png The Webweavers
Towers of Doom
Minimapicon tod altar active.png Altars
Minimapicon teleporter.png The Waygates
Warhead Junction
Minimapicon nuke symbol small.png Nuke
Volskaya Foundry
Minimapicon volskaya mech.png The Triglav Protector