Mercenary Lord

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Mercenary Lord Icon.png
Mercenary Lord [Passive]

Friendly non-Boss Mercenaries near you deal 50% more damage. Gain 50 Armor against Minions and Mercenaries.

Tier 2 (Hero Level 4)

Mercenary Lord is a Generic Talent that both granted durability against enemy Mercenary Camps and empowered those that you claimed yourself. The damage reduction makes capturing mercs significantly easier, especially bosses which are affected by the damage reduction. The bonus damage only applies when you are within half a screen-length of the mercs, but can provide a huge boost in pushing power and presence, and is shown by the mercs growing slightly larger in size.

Mercenary Lord's damage aura can affect placed Turret power-ups in Volskaya Foundry and Hanamura Temple, but does not affect Bosses on any map.

Heroes with Mercenary Lord[edit | edit source]

Modified Version[edit | edit source]

  • Azmodan's level 13 talent "Chain of Command" causes Demon Lieutenants to grant 25% increased damage to nearby friendly Minions, Mercenaries and Azmodan's summoned Demons.
  • Rexxar's level 1 talent "Easy Prey" grants Misha's 50 Armor and 150% increased damage against Minions and Mercenaries.
  • Sonya's level 7 talent "Battle Rage" increase damage Sonya dealt to Mercenaries by 25%. Can be activated to instantly heal herself for a portion of her maximum Health. 2 charges.
  • Sylvanas' level 4 talent "Mercenary Queen" increases the damage of Mercenaries near her by 60% and causes her to Stun and deal 30% extra damage to Mercenaries with 3 stacks of Banshee's Curse.

Removed[edit | edit source]

These heroes no longer have Mercenary Lord as a talent option.

  • Anub'arak
  • Arthas
  • Gazlowe Modified version: his level 4 talent "Hired Goons" increased the damage of nearby Mercenaries by 50% and granted his Rock-It! Turrets 50 Armor against Minions and Mercenaries.
  • Nazeebo
  • Raynor
  • Stitches