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Arcturus Mengsk
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Title Emperor of the Terran Dominion
Franchise StarCraft StarCraft
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Arcturus Mengsk is a proposed hero from the Blizzard Entertainment StarCraft franchise. Some unique hero kill voiceovers referring to him have been datamined in 2014.[1][2] The names of his abilities have also been datamined in 2015 and are called: Insurance Policy, Post Bounty, Propaganda Tower, Psi Emitter.[3] At the same time that the Mei design was pitched, the developers were heavily looking at prototype designs for Reinhardt, Deathwing, and Arcturus Mengsk.[4]


Mengsk's father was murdered by the Confederacy, and his entire planet destroyed, for being a problem. Mengsk's response was to start a resistence faction called the Sons of Korhal, and enlist the aid of Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, and later Edmund Duke. Though he initially comes off as a benevolent freedom fighter, he commits steadily more unforgivable crimes for the legitimately good purpose of overthrowing the Confederacy, until he finally succeeds, sacrifices Kerrigan, alienates Raynor, and crowns himself Emperor. His true colors revealed, he becomes everything the Confederacy was and worse. When the UED invades, he's the first person on their hitlist, and much to Raynor's chagrin he has to save Mengsk's life to help Kerrigan take out the UED, which goes sour for both of them when she backstabs them both. Mengsk ultimately launches a joint Dominion-UED-Protoss attack on Kerrigan's forces that she routs, leaving him with nothing.

By the time of Starcraft II, Mengsk's empire is back on its feet, with only Raynor opposing it to any significant degree. Mengsk can't simply have Raynor assassinated because he's desperately afraid of Raynor becoming a martyr, so he uses the media to marginalize Raynor's efforts and paint him as a fanatic terrorist. During the events of Heart of the Swarm, Mengsk tries to have Kerrigan killed on several occasions, including issuing an obituary about Raynor. Kerrigan however, successfully reunites the Zerg Swarm and storms the Dominion capital of Augustgrad on the planet Korhal with help from Raynor's Raiders. After a showdown with Acturus Mengsk inside his Palace, Kerrigan manages to gain the upper hand with help from James Raynor, and kills Acturus by overloading his body with psychic energy, causing him to explode spectacularly. In the wake of his death, his son Valerian ascends to the throne vacated by Arcturus.


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