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Melee Assassin heroes are high-octane damage dealers that get up close to their enemy to really lay on the pain.

Melee Assassin is a class of hero in Heroes of the Storm. They focus on suddenly attacking their foes at close range. There are currently 10 Melee Assassin heroes.

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The Melee Assassin heroes when the role was implemented.

List of Melee Assassin heroes

Hero Franchise Info
StarCraft 15.png StarCraft A combo Assassin who can move enemies around and punish mistakes.
Warcraft 15.png Warcraft A mobile, sustained damage Assassin who pairs well with Heroes who can enable him.
StarCraft 15.png StarCraft A combo Assassin who goes all in, diving into the enemy team.
Warcraft 15.png Warcraft A mobile Assassin who excels against clustered enemies and prevents their escape.
Warcraft 15.png Warcraft Not quite a full Hero, Murky can place an Egg to respawn quickly back into battle.
Heroes of the Storm 15.png Heroes of the Storm A brutal Melee Assassin who is adept at both beginning and ending fights.
Warcraft 15.png Warcraft A stealthed Assassin who's great at capturing Mercenary camps and is difficult to kill.
Diablo (franchise) 15.png Diablo An Assassin who starts slow, but deals extreme damage after collecting enough Meat.
Warcraft 15.png Warcraft A stealthed Assassin who specializes in shutting down her opponents.
StarCraft 15.png StarCraft A stealthed Assassin who can dart around his enemies.

List of former Melee Assassin heroes

These heroes formerly belonged to the Melee Assassin class, but were reclassified into other classes due to reworks.

Hero Franchise Info
Warcraft 15.png Warcraft A Summoner who specializes in controlling key areas of the battleground.
Current_ _ Role Bruiser 32.png Bruiser Role Healer 32.png Healer Role Melee Assassin 32.png Melee Assassin Role Ranged Assassin 32.png Ranged Assassin Role Support 32.png Support Role Tank 32.png Tank
Removed_ _ Role Assassin Simple 15.png Assassin Role Multiclass 15.png Multiclass Role Specialist Simple 15.png Specialist Role Support Simple 15.png Support Role Warrior Simple 15.png Warrior
Role Melee Assassin 15.png Melee Assassin heroes_ AlarakIllidanKerriganMaievMurkyQhiraSamuroThe ButcherValeeraZeratul
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