"Luxoria is the most unique of the Nexus' realms I have seen, with its own pantheon of gods, including Ka, and the Spider Queen Neithis. I do not know what became to the others, but their absence bodes ill."

Luxoria is one of the realms of the Nexus and the location for the Sky Temple. It is a realm of vast desert sands[1] which are ever shifting.[2] It features long forgotten tombs.[3] Luxoria has a pantheon of deities, but in the present, only the Snake God Ka and the Spider Queen Neithis remain.[4]

In its distant past the realm was ruled by the Scarab Swarm.[2] It is/was ruled by Pharaoh Ta-sadar, who willingly let Luxoria be consumed by the Nexus as an alternative to the Scorpid Swarm of the Darkworld, led by the Desert Queen and the Serpent King.[5]

The dead have a habit of returning in this realm.[6] Genies exist within this realm; beings of immense magical power who usually guide and influence mortals by appearing in their dreams.[7] There are also many whimsical creatures that inhabits the Sky Temple, such as Flying Monkeys.

For centuries, the Order of the Bronze Tiger has trained its disciples for the return of the Scorpid Swarm. Now, at long last, the time has come to put their skills to the test.

Heroes Edit

Multiverse versions of some Heroes are from this universe.

  • Recently, Ana has been operating in the Nexus under the alias of "Shrike" and is wanted for espionage, assault, and theft in Luxoria.
  • The magical flying creatures of Sky Temple often cause troubles for the locals. It can be hard to run a successful bazaar when your merchandise disappears into thin air.
  • Despite their immense magical power, Luxorian genies usually guide and influence mortals by appearing in their dreams. Chromie, however, favors a more direct approach.
  • Pharoah Ta-sadar knew the power of the darkworld would consume his realm, but Luxoria would still survive... Better the Nexus devour his kingdom than the Scorpid Swarm.
  • While the Serpent King acted as Pharaoh Ta-sadar's vizier, his true loyalty had always belonged to the Spider Queen. Once he saw his chance, Xul's betrayal was as swift as a serpent's strike.
  • The sands of Luxoria are ever-shifting. In ancient time, they were ruled by the Scorpid Swarm, and if the ancient Queen Zagara has her way, they shall be once again.

Trivia Edit

  • Luxoria appears to be based on Ancient Egypt.


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