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Lunar Rocket Racing Brawl

Lunar Rocket Racing is a Heroes Brawl for Heroes of the Storm, introduced in conjunction with Lunar Festival 2018.

Mount up and race to the finish line in this free-for-all Brawl. Collect Envelopes to gain abilities and outsmart your opponents – but stay alert, because getting hit by a projectile will knock you off your Mount!

Rules Edit

  • Heroes automatically move toward their mouse cursor's location. They just need to steer.
  • Speed boost pads can be found around the track. Steer over these to make a break for first.
  • Pick up Envelopes to gain access to different abilities:
    • Rocket: A bouncing rocket that will explode on the first enemy it contacts.
    • Bomb: Drop a bomb behind you that will stun players upon impact.
    • Lunar Blessing: Gain Invulnerability and a burst of speed.
  • Complete 7 laps and win. One player must lose.
    • Upon the first person completing the race, a 30 second timer starts.
    • The remaining players must cross the finish line within this time to win.
    • If a player doesn't cross the finish line - or is in last place when all players cross - the player loses.

Rewards Edit

Complete three matches of Lunar Rocket Racing to earn a Loot Chest.

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