Lost Cavern

Lost Cavern is a battleground that eliminates Map Objectives and creates a slimmed-down play area in order to remain laser-focused on one constant, single-lane teamfight. The Hearthstones and Starting Area heals have been removed so that Heroes have no reason to fall back from the fight. Regeneration Orb spawns and brush, meanwhile, have been strategically placed around the lane to keep the fights active and interesting.

Lost Cavern is meant to be a free place to experiment and play however players like. Think of this map as a sandbox in which they can express themselves creatively — as well as have fun playing.

How to Play Edit

Lost Cavern will only be available in custom games. Players can create a lobby through the "Custom Game" tab of the play screen and then invite friends, or use the Lobby Link system to invite players through chat channels. Here's how:

  • Create Custom Lobby on Lost Cavern.
  • Open the Chat channel to link game.
  • Type /lobbylink Description
  • Press Enter to send the message
  • Players can now simply click the link and will be automatically placed into the Custom Game Lobby.

Map Edit

Lost Cavern Map

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