List of previous limited-time offers

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The following is a list of previous Limited-Time Offers.

  marks the initial release of a completely new item.
  marks the initial release of a new tint of a pre-existing item.


Week Skins Mounts
November 24 - Golden Lunar Rooster
November 10 Spectral Demon Hanzo, Spectral Buccaneer Falstad
October 27 Crystalline Saddled Battle Beast
October 14 Chromatic Genji
October 7 Fel Razorgrin
September 8 Corrupted Archangel Diablo
August 25 - -
July 28 Deathranger Nova, Rugged Deathranger Nova, Dusk Deathranger Nova, Ember Deathranger Nova, Mirage Deathranger Nova Ripper
June 23 Hopeful Spirit Healer Auriel Thraller Bill
June 2 - Invisible Horse
May 19 Storm Mecha Tyrael Hunter Mecha Dehaka
May 12 -
May 5 Scrappy Barko Polo
April 14 -
April 7 -
March 31 Stormwind Footman Varian, Kul Tiras Footman Varian, Stromgarde Footman Varian
March 3 Green Treasure Goblin
February 25 -
February 18 - Wonder William
January 21 Lucky Red Envelope Wonder William


Week Skins Mounts
December 10 - -
November 20 Sleepy Cloud Golden Treasure Goblin
November 6 Spectral Unraveler Zeratul, Spectral Demon Hanzo Spectral Buccaneer Falstad Golden Treasure Goblin
October 30 -
September 24 -
August 27 Corrupted Archangel Diablo, Chromatic Genji Golden Orochi Hovercycle Outrider's Ripper, Scavenger's Ripper, Soldier's Ripper
August 6 Deathranger Nova Outrider's Ripper, Scavenger's Ripper, Soldier's Ripper
July 10 Dark Mecha Rehgar, Dark Mecha Tyrael Fel Razorgrin
June 17 Hunter Mecha Dehaka, Galactic Xenotech Abathur
May 28 Spectral Buccaneer Falstad, Smoldering Desert Queen Zagara Happy Birthday Billie
May 21 -
April 30 Footman Varian Swarm's Doubloon
February 12 Paramour Pajamathur Abathur Flirty Cloud