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Launch (or Leap) is a type of a Movement ability that allows the unit to move towards the target location at high speed. Launches are similar to Dashes with the exception that Launches can travel over unpathable terrain. If a Launch-type ability were to end in the middle of terrain, it will end at the closest point at the edge of the terrain. Like Dashes, Launches can be interrupted midway by Stuns, Roots and Knockbacks. Launch-type abilities often have an animation where the unit leaps through air.

List of Launches[]


  • Anub'arak's ability Burrow Charge charges him in the target direction, reactivation stops the charge and causes him to damage and stun enemies nearby.
  • Artanis' ability Blade Dash charges him in the target direction dealing damage, then charges him back dealing increased damage.
    • His level 13 talent Templar's Zeal increases the cooldown recharge while below half health.
  • Artanis' ability Phase Prism causes him to swap locations with the enemy hero hit and can be cast during Blade Dash.
  • Chen's ability Flying Kick leaps him to the other side of the target enemy dealing damage.
    • His level 16 talent Flying Leap increases the range.
  • Diablo's ability Shadow Charge charges him into the target enemy and knocking them both in the target direction, if he impacts terrain the target is stunned.
  • Falstad's ability Barrel Roll charges him in the target direction granting a Shield.
    • His level 4 talent Updraft increases the range.
  • Falstad's mount Take Flight let's him take flight towards a target location with very long range after a channel.
  • Genji's trait Cyber Agility launches him to the target location.
    • His level 1 talent Agile Dismount increases the range when leaping off of his mount.
  • Genji's ability Swift Strike launches him instantly in the target direction dealing damage to all enemies hit. Takedowns reset the cooldown.
  • Greymane's Human form ability Darkflight leaps him onto the target enemy turning him into Worgen form.
  • Hanzo's trait Natural Agility launches him over the target patch of terrain.
  • Illidan's ability Dive launches him to the other side of his target dealing minor damage.
    • His level 4 talent Friend or Foe grants it more range and lets it be used on allies.
  • Imperius' ability Celestial Charge causes him to leap forward and Stun enemy Heroes in an area forward from the landing point.
  • Junkrat's ability Concussion Mine launches him and nearby enemies away from the location of the mine on detonation.
    • His level 13 talent Ripper Air increases the launch distance and lowers the cooldown when it only hits him.
  • Kharazim's ability Radiant Dash allows him to leap to the target ally or enemy. Holds 2 charges.
    • His level 7 talent Blinding Speed reduces the cooldown and grants an extra charge.
    • His level 20 talent Epiphany restores 33% max mana and 2 charges.
  • Kerrigan's ability Ravage leaps her onto the target enemy dealing damage. If it kills the target the cooldown is reset.
    • Her level 13 talent Eviscerate increases the range.
  • Muradin's ability Dwarf Toss leaps him to the target location dealing damage.
    • His level 16 talent Dwarf Launch increases the range and reduces the cooldown if it hits a hero.
  • Qhira's ability Revolving Sweep causes her to revolve around a target and can be reactivated to launch her towards them.
  • Rehgar's Trait Ghost Wolf causes his next basic attack to dash at the target dealing bonus damage.
  • Sonya's ability Ancient Spear pulls her to the enemy hit by her spear.
    • Her level 13 talent Mystical Spear pulls her to the target regardless of it hitting an enemy and reduces its cooldown when doing so.
  • Sylvanas' ability Haunting Wave releases a wave that damages enemies in the path, reactivation makes her unstoppable as she leaps to the location.
    • Her level 13 talent Windrunner causes leaping with the ability to grant full charges of Withering Fire and allows recasting it once.
  • Yrel's ability Avenging Wrath leaps her to a target location, Slowing and dealing damage in an area. Its range can be increased by channeling the ability.


  • Alarak's heroic ability Deadly Charge launches him in a target direction damaging all enemies in his path. Its range can be increased by channeling the ability.
  • Chen's heroic ability Storm Earth Fire has an active ability Earth that launches his Earth and Fire clones to the target location.
  • Deathwing's heroic ability Cataclysm allows him to fly in a target direction and leave burning land underneath him.
  • Greymane's heroic ability Go for the Throat launches him at the target enemy dealing heavy damage, if they are killed by the ability it can be recast.
  • Hogger's heroic ability Hoardapult launches him and an empowered Loot Hoard to the target location, damaging and slowing enemies on arrival.
  • Illidan's heroic ability The Hunt charges him very quickly to the target enemy dealing damage and stunning with very long range.
    • His level 20 talent Nowhere to Hide grants it global range.
  • Imperius' heroic ability Wrath of the Angiris dashes him forward, lifting the first enemy Hero it hits in the air with Imperius and after 2 seconds Stunning them upon landing.
  • Lunara's heroic ability Leaping Strike causes her to leap a set distance over the target enemy, dealing damage to them.
  • Murky's heroic ability Octograb charges him at the target enemy hero and stuns them.
  • Sonya's heroic ability Leap launches her to the target location damaging and stunning enemies hit.
  • Tyrael's heroic ability Judgement charges him into the target enemy hero damaging and stunning them while knocking other enemies away.
  • Varian's heroic ability Colossus Smash launches him at the target enemy dealing damage and reducing their armor.


  • Auriel's level 20 talent Angelic Flight allows her take a flight to a target location with very long range after a channel.
  • E.T.C.'s' level 4 talent Crowdsurfer turns Powerslide into a Launch-type ability, allowing it to ignore terrain.
  • Hanzo's level 20 talent Play of the Game allows him to reactivate "Dragon's Arrow" during its flight or briefly after the impact, teleporting him to the arrow or the impact location and then leaping backwards.
  • Illidan's level 4 talent Unbound turns "Sweeping Strikes" into Launch-type ability, allowing it to ignore terrain.

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