Lamb to the Slaughter
Tier 4 (Hero Level 10)
Mana: 75
Cooldown: 90 seconds

Throw a hitching post that attaches to the nearest enemy Hero after a 1 second delay. This deals 178 (+4% per level) damage and causes the enemy to be chained to the post and Silenced for 3 seconds.

Lamb to the Slaughter

Patch changes Edit

  • Patch (Patch March 29, 2016Note: Targets affected by Lamb to the Slaughter are now Silenced for the Ability’s duration; Duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds; Lamb to the Slaughter’s chain and Silence effects will now be removed if the target becomes Invulnerable or Unstoppable; Cooldown increased from 60 to 90 seconds.
  • Patch (Patch February 2, 2016Note: Invulnerability and Unstoppable now suppress the chain effect, rather than remove it; Stasis effects no longer remove the chain; Enemy Heroes affected by Lamb to the Slaughter can no longer enter the Dragon Knight, Garden Terror, or Lt. Morales’ Medivac, and Tyrael can no longer cast Judgment.
  • Patch (Patch October 6, 2015Note: Received additional visual polish. New art has been added that will better indicate which players are affected by Lamb to the Slaughter.
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