"The gardens of Dragon Shire. Radiant, are they not? And yet, they are founded on a lie. Activate the sun and the moon shrines, and the magic that seals away my Dragon Knight will weaken. I shall lend you its power. Burn your enemies. Shatter their fortifications. Remind this world of its true heritage. The dragon will be reborn. Control its power, or be destroyed by it."

- The Lady of Thorns(src)

Lady of thorns

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Raena, the Lady of Thorns was the Realm Lord of Dragon Shire, and ruler of Kings Crest.


Secrets of the StormEdit


Raena meets Deckard

When Deckard and Orphea reported that the Raven Lord had unleashed the forces of the Dark Nexus to destroy and conquer more realms, she immediately believed them, though was reluctant to interfere, as she lacked support in her own court and was slowly being consumed by the same curse her husband suffered. When Deckard explains that her people were already in danger too and that the Raven Lord has already set his eyes on a new realm which would give him more power than her, she rallied her armies and allies to defend Kings Crest and oppose the Raven Lord's forces in his plans to conquer Alterac Pass. The Lady of Thorns supported the Stormpike Expedition against the Frostwolf Clan, which were manipulated by the Raven Lord.[1]

Fall of Kings CrestEdit

"My realm stands in defiance of the Raven Lord. Now his armies assail us. Led by his most sinister generals."

- Raena(src)

Raven Lord vs. Lady of Thorns

The Raven Lord defeats Raena

The Raven Lord sent his armies against Kings Crest, led by his monster sinister generals. Raena asked if heroes would stand with her in the coming battle.[2] She was killed by the Raven Lord.[3]


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