The following is a list of quotations from Kharazim:


  • "The gods have favoured you with wisdom." (upon purchase)
  • "Ytar guide my path!" (upon selection)
  • "Where does your path lead?"
  • "I serve the Patriarchs of Ivgorod, chosen by the one-thousand and one gods."


Interactions at the start of the game
Angel (Auriel, Tyrael Malthael Imperius)
  • "I am honored to serve the Heavens once more."
  • "We bring order to all things."
Nephalem (Johanna, Li-Ming, Nazeebo, Sonya, Valla)
Demon (Azmodan, Diablo, The Butcher Mal'Ganis Mephisto)
  • "There is much for us to settle once this battle is over, demon."
  • "It is best if we do not speak."
  • "Is there no rest for you, mad king?"
  • "I leave the pain of death to you."
  • "What creature is this? Hmm... perhaps you're from Skovos.
  • "You speak as a bubbling river, hmhm, delightful."
Being healed by a teammate
  • "I have been healed."
  • "My injuries are less severe."
  • "Aah, my thanks to you, healer."
Noticing an injured teammate
  • "You require healing."
  • "Visit the healing fountain, before you visit the god of death."
Assisting against mercenaries
  • "I shall aid you."
  • "I will help!"
Congratulating on a kill
  • "Ah, very good!"
  • "Boldly done!"
  • "Ha, I approve!"


  • "I go."
  • "Yes." 
  • "For the glory of Ivgorod." 
  • "Bring me a challenge." 
  • "The battle draws near." 
  • "I welcome a new trial." 
  • "My mind is clear." 
  • "The gods are in all things." 
  • "Where is my foe?" 


  • "Let us capture this mercenary camp." (pinging mercenaries)
  • "This hero must die, it is fated." (pinging an enemy hero)


  • "Break beneath the endless tide!"
  • "Your flaws are revealed!"
  • "The storm breaks!"
  • "Your strength fails!"
  • "This fight is over!"
  • "You shall be defeated!"


  • "Unimpressive."
  • "Your technique is flawed."
  • "Your path ends here."
  • "Pathetic."
  • "Your best was easily defeated."
  • "Speak no more, demon!"
  • "Terror cannot prevail in this realm."
  • "Hm, you are no true monk."
  • "Perhaps you will remain dead this time."
Nephalem (Johanna, Li-Ming, Nazeebo, Sonya, Valla)
  • "Even those closest to us may fall to corruption."
The Butcher
  • "Return to the Hells, abomination!"
  • "Alas, friend, you have upset the balance."


  • "The gods bid me to continue."
  • "My time has not yet come."
  • "I serve once more."


  • "I had not believed my path would lead me here. But so it has."
  • "Meditate first upon your action. Then, you will act with wisdom. Or so I hope."
  • "I have traveled many lands, and seen many people. In them, wisdom is as rare as a jewel nestled in a mountain peak."
  • "I traveled once with an honest warrior, who believed only lies. A god, who did not believe in her own kind. And a wise ancient who spoke only foolishness."
  • "My first breath was drawn under the sign of Ytar, God of the Sun. I wear his rainment, and hear his guidance.

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

  • "The gods strike through me!"
  • "Feel the wrath of Ytar!"
  • "A thousand and one blessings upon you."
  • "The gods give you strength."
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