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Katya Volskaya
Katya Volskaya.png
Character Information
Title CEO of Volskaya Industries
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Relative(s) One daughter
Affiliation Volskaya Industries
Voice actor Gulmira Mamedova

Katya Volskaya is the announcer on Volskaya Foundry. After discovering her factories and the surrounding city are in danger of being invaded by beings from other worlds, Katya Volskaya immediately began to work on a new mech series - the Triglav Protector - to defend her homeland from the denizen of the Nexus.[1]


Overwatch This section concerns content exclusive to the Overwatch universe.

Katya Volskaya is the CEO of Volskaya Industries. Volskaya Industries is a Russian company involved in Svyatogor production, and is Russia's premier anti-omnic security force. Russia was one of the countries hit hardest by the Omnic Crisis, but during the rebuilding process, it rode the wave of the mechanized labor industry's revitalization and entered a period of rapid growth. However, after recent attacks from the long-dormant Siberian omnium, Russia has returned to war footing, guarding its sparkling cities with the massive, human-piloted Svyatogor mechs developed and produced by Volskaya Industries. Unknown to her people, Katya received technology from other omnics.[2]


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  • A description of Katya Volskaya can be found within the game data: "Katya Volskaya is the CEO of Volskaya Industries. She holds great political and social influence within Russia and is regarded as a hero by the Russian people. Her primary concern is protecting her country and her people from the omnics."
  • Her Attitude is described within the games data as "Professional, confident"


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