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Ka Announcer.png
Character Information
Title Serpent King
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Luxoria
Voice actor David Shaughnessy

Ka is the Realm Lord of Luxoria and god of the sun. He serves as the announcer of Sky Temple. He is voiced by David Shaughnessy.


Ka, the Serpent King, is the ruler of Luxoria, and god of the sun. The Sky Temple serves as a center of worship for the snake god. Ka is not happy that his realm has become a battleground for someone else's conflict, a position he makes clear several times. He periodically stores some of his power in the three temples spread up and down the map. When these temples are activated, heroes can capture them to unleash a powerful Beam on their enemies' structures; they have to not only defend the temples from enemy heroes, but also fight off the temple's guardians attempting to drive them off on Ka's orders.[1]


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  • Ka uses the cobra as his totem animal, which has clearly influenced the architecture of Sky Temple. One of his temples uses it, the Sand Golem at the centre of his map has a snake's head, the Cores at either end of the map consist of a large cobra coiled around an orb and the forts and keeps have cobra-like snakeheads mounted atop their cannons.
  • His name, in addition to being based on Ra - the egyptian god of the sun - may be a reference to the python character Kaa from The Jungle Book.



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