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Targetinfopanel impaler.png
Merc Information
ID (Camp) MercSiegeTrooperDefender
Base Health (Camp) 2300
Base Damage (Camp) 75
ID (Captured) MercSiegeTrooperLaner
Base Health (Captured) 1400
Base Damage (Captured) 65
Capture XP 270 XP
Maps Battlefield of Eternity, Infernal Shrines
Spawns after 1:00 minutes
Respawn delay 3:00 minutes

Impalers (aka Khazra camps), these goatmen spawn in trios. They are found on Battlefield of Eternity and Infernal Shrines. They first spawn after 1:00 minutes into the game and respawn after 3:00 minutes.

Much like their non-Diablo themed counterparts the Siege Giants, the Impalers are mercenaries that are able to attack structures outside of their attack ranges. Impalers boast a faster attack speed but lack splash damage for clearing minion waves. Compared to Siege Giants on a camp-to-camp basis, Impalers are significantly less effective in the early game but have more structure DPS in the late game.[1]


Khazra are half man, half goat, and have been seen in many regions of Sanctuary. Walking upright as men, with heads of horned goats, they tread upon cloven hooves and are skilled with weapons of war. They are cunning, working together to form organized clans that accomplish the desires of their devilish commanders. Their strength is immense and some of the more powerful clans are rumored to guard the lairs of Hell's more renowned demons. They are incredibly strong and agile, and their archers are known for the power and accuracy of their bows. Fleet of foot, they may try to evade an unwary foe and then attack from a different angle. It is believed that to earn their powers they once held mock wars in Hell for the entertainment of the Prime Evils. However, if true, this is not the same for the mortal realm, as they prefer to slaughter the innocent rather than each other.[2]