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Monster Information
Base Health 16200 (Wild), 10500 (Captured)
Base Damage 450 (Captured)
Attack Speed 0.5
Attack Range 5.0 (Shield up), 1.5 (no Shield)
Abilites Cleave, Explosions
Map Battlefield of Eternity

The Immortals are a pair of angel and demon monsters fighting each other as the main objective in the Battlefield of Eternity. They are also the announcers on Battlefield of Eternity and Infernal Shrines.


The Immortals are the main objectives on Battlefield of Eternity. They first spawn at 1:45 with a reminder being displayed at 1:30. Each team is allied with an Immortal, assigned based on which side of the map your Core is located. The team with the left Core is allied with the angelic Immortal Ilarian, while the team with the right Core is allied with the demonic Immortal Beleth.

They always spawn first top and bottom. The Immortals appear to be locked in a conflict with each other; however, they do not deal damage to each other. They can only be damaged by players of the opposing team. There are four positions an Immortal can take, although the two will always be opposite of one another. When one of the Immortals reaches half health, they will both take new positions. When the Immortals switch, the Immortals go to the opposite side of the teams' map. So the left team's Immortal will be on the right, and the right team's Immortal will be on the left.

Immortals use two abilities while they fight in the middle of the map. One deals an area of effect in a large circle around the Immortal, while the other causes several smaller area damage zones at a slightly greater range. Both Immortal abilities display warning indicators on the ground, and can be dodged. If a player is hit by an opposing Immortal's ability, they will be stunned and take damage. An Immortal's abilities will not harm Heroes allied with it.

The objective is completed when one of the Immortals is destroyed. At this point, any remaining hit points of the surviving Immortal are added to it as a shield. This means that an Immortal that survives with full hit points will be almost twice as hard to defend as an Immortal who survives with very low hit points. It is then regenerated to full health, and enters the strongest enemy lane to help siege the enemy's structures. In lane, an Immortal has ranged attacks so long as it has shields. Each attack it makes drains shields until it has none. The Immortal switches to melee attacks afterward.

After the victorious Immortal is killed, the Immortals will remain inactive on the map for about 1:45 minutes. This gives teams time to regroup, push lanes, and pursue Mercenary Camps. Subsequent Immortal respawn positions are on random positions, but never the same as the previous one.


Angelic/Demonic Cleave[1]
Cooldown: 14 (middle) / 16 (lane) seconds

After a short delay, deal moderate damage in a large area around you, knocking back enemies, after which they are stunned for 0.5s. Always kills minions.

Angelic/Demonic Explosions[2]
Cooldown: 14 (middle) / 16 (lane) seconds

After a delay, deal heavy damage and stun enemies for 2s in an area. Up to 5 explosions can be cast at the same time. Always kills minions.




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