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Ice Giant
Targetinfopanel ice giant.png
Merc Information
Base Health (Camp) 16,000
Base Damage (Camp) 312
Base Health (Captured) 19,000
Base Damage (Captured) 520
Attack Speed 0.77
Attack Range 2
Abilites Smash, Ice Shard
Capture XP 750 XP + A XP per minute
Maps Alterac Pass
Spawns after 5:00 minutes
Respawn delay 5:00 minutes

Ice Giants are Warcraft-themed bosses found on Alterac Pass. The Ice Giants first spawn after 5:00 minutes into the game and respawn 5:00 minutes after being defeated. One Ice Giant is found at the very top, and the other one is found at the very bottom of the map. While the bosses are at strictly neutral positions, the long travel time between the two camps at opposite sides of the map benefit teams that are behind by making it extremely difficult for a team that’s ahead to contest both boss spawns at the same time.

Ice Giant have the ability to smash the ground, stunning and dealing a fair amount of damage. This is indicated by a glow surrounding the area to be stomped, so step away from it when it does this. Ice Giants also throw Ice Shards which slow for 50% for 1s on impact.


The ice giants are a classification of mountain giants found in cold and snowy regions of Azeroth. Mountain giants are composed of living stone and stout flora. Crafted epochs ago by the titans from massive sections of stone, these creatures seek to protect the natural environment from any who would cause it harm. Benevolent and solitary by nature, the mountain giants have awakened to find that the tranquil world they once helped to shape has become a hectic battlefield of fire and sorrow. These giants can take incredible amounts of punishment from attackers.[1]



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