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A Hybrid Zerg is a proposed hero from the StarCraft universe. It was shown on the Heroes of the Storm Character Design Panel at the 2015 BlizzCon as a possible candidate for inclusion.[1] The hero existed as early as 2010.[2] It is modeled after the hybrid reaver.


StarCraft This section concerns content exclusive to the StarCraft universe.

Hybrid were a fusion of protoss and zerg genetics, the culmination of a plan created by the renegade xel'naga Amon in order to create beings as powerful of the xel'naga, pure of form and essence, yet subservient to him in order to break the xel'naga's Infinite Cycle of manipulating universes and the growth of species to create new xel'naga. Though Amon was banished before he could see his plan to fruition, his servant, Samir Duran, oversaw that the protoss and zerg clashed, and used the terrans of the Moebius Foundation and Terran Dominion to aid him in fusing protoss and zerg together to create the hybrid. These hybrid were the leaders of the armies of Amon when he did return, and when unleashed led Amon's enslaved protoss, zerg and terrans on a spree to destroy all life in the sector. However, their breeding operations were ended when Hierarch Artanis and Phase-smith Karax led an assault on their central breeding facility of Revanscar, destroying it.

Hybrid reavers epitomized the brutality of the zerg, with massive bulky claws and tentacles, a thick hide and a brutal melee attack. They served as the frontline attackers for the hybrid.

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