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Rexxar's Heroic Pet, Misha

A Heroic Pet is a Summon that is considered as a Heroic Target for most purposes, allowing them to grant stacks for Quest Talents that involve hitting Heroes (like Azmodan's Wrath) and can be hit by Abilities and effects that specifically affect Heroes. Heroic Pets are capable of soaking, as they can collect Experience Globes like regular Heroes and lethal damage they deal to Minions will grant experience.

Heroic Pets' Basic Attacks deal Physical Damage, like real Heroes, and are capable of missing. Their Abilities deal Spell Damage as normal, but unlike other Summons, they are unaffected by the Spell Power state of their owner and need to be affected by the buff or debuff themselves. When a Heroic Pet damages enemy Heroes under their Forts and Keeps, it will trigger A Call For Help, drawing the Structure's target priority to themself.

Hallucinations are a type of Heroic Pets who can copy the appearance of a Hero.

Heroic Pets[]