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Welcome to the Heroes of the Storm Wiki Community Portal! Here you can find various tasks and projects that need help in the community. If you have a task or project and need collaborative help, feel free to add it to the sections below. You can also check back here to see if any tasks are available that you can contribute to.

If you'd like to discuss something that pertains to the entire wiki, see the wiki-wide discussion page.

Curse wiki staff[]

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Community administrators[]

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Collaboration requests[]

Use this section to add personal requests for collaborative efforts and help. Format your requests in a list with appropriate links and information, and add a signature (use ~~~~) to organize others.

Community projects[]

The following projects involve the whole community. Massive restructurings and overhauls are more efficient as a group, so check back often. These projects can benefit the wiki greatly when everyone participates.

Now what?[]

Here's some tasks that need doing while we wait for the next bombshell to drop:

For everyone

  • Add missing background sections to hero articles and hero quotes
    Blizzard has defined a rich lore for most of their characters, and we should provide some of that info here.
  • Keep an eye out for news
    If Blizzard posts a new article on the official Heroes of the Storm website, add it to the news page ASAP.
  • General maintenance
    Fix typos, add templates, expand, and do general maintenance that would be required.

For people that have knowledge of Heroes

  • Share your information
    Expand pages and add new articles about things we might have missed. If possible, try to cite and confirm your sources.
  • Correct errors
    Point out and fix anything glaringly wrong.

For people that have played Heroes

  • Confirm information and correct errors
    You have first hand knowledge of the game. Though you might not have perfect information, try to fix problems wherever they might be.


The following tasks are general maintenance tasks that should be performed regularly. If you are a regular editor or if you're new to the wiki, you can contribute by helping with these tasks.

For All Users[]

  • Partake in open discussions on the wiki
    Open discussions exist in order to improve the quality of the information on the Heroes of the Storm Wiki. As such, we need your feedback! Visit the discussion pages of articles marked to be moved, deleted, merged, split, etc. and weigh in on the topic.
  • Add to articles listed as stubs
    Stubs are articles that are too short or lacking in content. If you feel like you have input on the subject, please add to these articles. If you feel like you've added enough content, feel free to remove the {{stub}} tag.
  • Clean up messy articles
    Some articles may contain poorly formatted or written information, or could be wrong entirely. Feel free to help clean up these articles! If you feel like you've improved the page's readability, feel free to remove to {{cleanup}} tag.
  • Add categories to uncategorized pages, images, and categories
    Categories are there to improve article navigation. Adding them allows users to explore the site easily and improves the wiki's appearance.
  • Patrol the recent changes list
    Watch the recent changes list for potential vandalism or spam. If an existing page is vandalized, please revert their changes. If a new junk page is added you can use {{delete}} to mark them for deletion.
  • Fix orphaned pages
    Orphaned pages are pages that have no links to them, and are therefore inaccessible on the site. Add links to orphaned pages if they contain useful information, or mark them for deletion if they aren't useful.
  • Fix dead-end pages
    Just the opposite, dead-end pages have no links to other articles and therefore become traps. Add links to other articles to improve these pages.
  • Tag pages that need tagging!
    There are tons of articles out there that may need to be rewritten, cleaned up, added to, improved, etc. Use the maintenance templates and apply them to pages that might not be up to speed. See the Manual of Style for more information.