Heroes Hype Challenger Series

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Heroes Hype Challenger Series
Tournament Information
Organizer Heroes Hype
Location Americas
Format Single Elimination
Website Website
Stream Stream

Heroes Hype Challenger Series is a weekly cup series.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This series awards seeding points toward the Road to Blizzcon Qualifiers.

Format[edit | edit source]

  • Single Elmination
    • Quarterfinals: Best of 1
    • Semi-Finals: Best of 3
    • Finals: Best of 3

Results[edit | edit source]

Weekly[edit | edit source]

# Date First Place 1st Second Place 2nd
1 2015-06-29 Cloud9 Maelstrom Dark Arts
2 2015-07-06 Zeveron C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex
3 2015-07-13 Zeveron The PLEYZ
4 2015-07-20 Zeveron TeamBlazelogo.png Team Blaze
5 2015-07-27 TeamBlazelogo.png Team Blaze Panda Global Gaming

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