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Heroes Brawl (formerly known as Arena Mode) was an action-packed game mode that aims to bring to players a fresh take on Heroes of the Storm by offering twisted rulesets, mutated battlegrounds, alternate hero selection methods, and as much frenzied team fighting as possible.[1] On September 8, 2020, Heroes Brawl was replaced by ARAM. Outside of a few crowd-favorites (Pull Party and Escape From Braxis), the weeks that the Brawl turned on an ARAM Battleground, the player numbers for the mode increased heavily. Outside of the vast popularity differences, the older Brawl Battlegrounds were also too difficult to constantly update and maintain while continuing the work the developers wanted to do on everything else. These were the two major reasons that they made the decision to permanently give ARAM a home and sideline Brawls, at least for the time being.[2]

Overview[ | ]

Heroes Brawl change each week. Provided players participate in at least two (rarely three) matches per week they will be rewarded with a Loot Chest and hero experience. If multiple heroes are used, the experience will be divided equally among them. Length of play time will vary depending on the brawl, ranging anywhere from a quick four-minute match to almost 20 minutes. AFK detection is present in Heroes Brawl. Players who become inactive during a Brawl will be disconnected from the match.

There are three kinds of battlegrounds: standard maps with mutators, brand-new arenas, and single-lane battlegrounds.

List of Brawls[ | ]

Arenas[ | ]

Name Description Realm Release Date
Blackheart's Revenge Blackheart's Revenge is a modified version of Blackheart's Bay. In this asymmetrical battleground, one team is tasked with helping Blackheart's ship sail through the bay, while the other team needs to sink the ship to win. Mistharbor November 18, 2016
Checkpoint: Hanamura Checkpoint: Hanamura is a modified version of Hanamura. Attack or defend a single payload on our new single-lane Overwatch inspired battleground! Overwatch May 5, 2017
Garden Arena Garden Arena is a modified version of Garden of Terror. Kill the Garden Terrors and Shamblers, then collect their seeds. The first team to collect 100 seeds wins! King's Crest December 9, 2016
Punisher Arena Punisher Arena is a modified version of Infernal Shrines. Rack up points by killing enemy heroes and Punishers. The first team to score 100 points wins! Sanctuary October 18, 2016
Temple Arena Temple Arena is a modified version of Sky Temple. Capture temples and use their energy beams to destroy the enemy core! Luxoria November 11, 2016
Trial Grounds Trial Grounds is a modified version of Volskaya Foundry. Starting at 60 seconds, an elevator will rise in the center of the Battleground, presenting objectives from different Realms to both teams. Overwatch December 29, 2017

Single-lane battlegrounds[ | ]

Name Description Release Date
Braxis Outpost Braxis Outpost is a single-lane version of Braxis Holdout. Braxis Outpost features two mirrored Goliath & Raven mercenary camps. February 24, 2017
Bash 'Em Smash 'Em Robots Bash 'Em Smash 'Em Robots is a single-lane version of Volskaya Foundry. Each team receives a Triglav Protector at the start of the game. September 29, 2017
Industrial District Industrial District is a single-lane Overwatch-themed version of Volskaya Foundry. January 12, 2018
Lost Cavern Lost Cavern is a single-lane version of Tomb of the Spider Queen. March 29, 2016
Mineral Madness Rally your troops and prepare to battle over the Koprulu Sector’s most valuable resource – Minerals! To celebrate StarCraft's 20th anniversary, this week's Brawl is a StarCraft themed mechanical mad dash for Minerals! March 16, 2018
Silver City Silver City is a Diablo-themed single-lane map. Additionally, there are two mercenary camps on the bottom of the map and three globe generators on the top of it. December 30, 2016

Standard maps with Mutators[ | ]

Name Description Battleground Release Date
AzmoDUNK Brawl Celebrate Heroes of the Dorm with the Lord of SLAM himself, by raining globes down on your enemies! Tomb of the Spider Queen Mar 31, 2017
Bloodlust Brawl Embrace your inner beast on Bloodlust Brawl and lay waste to your enemies with the powers of the Orcish horde! Dragon Shire November 18, 2016
Booty Coffers Dodge cannonball barrages while trying to gather enough Doubloons to take down your enemies. Yarrrrrr! Blackheart's Bay August 8, 2017
Ghost Protocol Ghost Protocol is an all-Nova snipe-battle on Towers of Doom. Towers of Doom December 2, 2016
Hammer Time Hammer Time lets you call down the thunder and claim Belltowers on Towers of Doom with 10 Sgt. Hammers. Towers of Doom October 28, 2016
Hallow's End (Heroes Brawl) Begin a match on Towers of Doom with some spooky new gameplay! Towers of Doom October 27, 2017
Heroes of the Stars Travel to Braxis Holdout to battle against the Zerg forces (and the enemy team) with some of the Koprulu sector's most powerful Heroes of the Stars. Braxis Holdout Jan 27, 2017
Mage Wars Be the first team of spell-slingers to take down the enemy core on Tomb of the Spider Queen and claim victory on Mage Wars! Tomb of the Spider Queen January 6, 2016
Snow Brawl The temperature has dipped in the Cursed Hollow. Snow has invaded, and with snow comes Snow Brawl! Cursed Hollow December 23, 2016
Special Delivery Ten Tracers, 20 Pulse Pistols, two Cores, but only one victor! Battle it out on our newest Battleground, Hanamura, with a crazy set of custom rules! Hanamura December 23, 2016

Special[ | ]

Name Description Realm Release Date
Deadman's Stand Survive the onslaught, protect your base, and buy enough time for Mira Han to cleanse the infection if you want to win this Brawl and save Deadman’s Port! Koprulu Sector March 30, 2018
Dodge-BRAWL Everyone plays as Genie Chromie, on either side of a pool. Unknown August 25, 2017
Escape From Braxis It's a modified version of Braxis Holdout. It's the first PvE Brawl in the game. Koprulu Sector November 24, 2017
Lunar Rocket Racing There are many ways to celebrate the Lunar Festival. Food, gifts, ceremonies… and strapping saddles onto dangerously fast fireworks! Luxoria February 9, 2018
Pull Party Hook enemy Stitches to pull them over to your side of the pool and then take them down to claim victory. Unknown June 29, 2017

Previous Brawls[ | ]

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