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Health Regeneration (also called Health regen) determines the rate at which a hero regenerates Health. Health Regeneration occurs passively and isn't stopped when a hero is disabled. Health Regeneration is measured in hit points restored per second. The baseline value for most heroes is roughly 12.5% of their Max Hit Points per minute, meaning it would take 8 minutes for most heroes to fully regenerate their health passively with no healing from other sources. A hero can also gain additional Health Regeneration from certain talents and abilities. Health regeneration is subject to Scaling.

List of Heroes by Health Regeneration[]

Name Role Franchise Health Regeneration
Murky Murky Melee Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 29.1992
Stitches Stitches Tank Warcraft Warcraft 6.379
Cho Cho Tank Warcraft Warcraft 6.1445
Cho'gall Cho'gall Warcraft Warcraft 6.1445
Blaze Blaze Tank StarCraft StarCraft 6.04
Arthas Arthas Tank Warcraft Warcraft 5.957
Muradin Muradin Tank Warcraft Warcraft 5.7617
Deathwing Deathwing Bruiser Warcraft Warcraft 5.7292
Mei Mei Tank Overwatch Overwatch 5.5703
Diablo Diablo Tank Diablo (franchise) Diablo 5.5625
Johanna Johanna Tank Diablo (franchise) Diablo 5.4687
Yrel Yrel Bruiser Warcraft Warcraft 5.418
Mal'Ganis Mal'Ganis Tank Warcraft Warcraft 5.414
Leoric Leoric Bruiser Diablo (franchise) Diablo 5.3125
Artanis Artanis Bruiser StarCraft StarCraft 5.2617
Tyrael Tyrael Tank Diablo (franchise) Diablo 5.2382
Chen Chen Bruiser Warcraft Warcraft 5.1523
Azmodan Azmodan Ranged Assassin Diablo (franchise) Diablo 5.1328
Sonya Sonya Bruiser Diablo (franchise) Diablo 5.1054
Dehaka Dehaka Bruiser StarCraft StarCraft 5.0703
Gazlowe Gazlowe Bruiser Warcraft Warcraft 4.95
Imperius Imperius Bruiser Diablo (franchise) Diablo 4.95
Zarya Zarya Support Overwatch Overwatch 4.7734
Hogger Hogger Bruiser Warcraft Warcraft 4.711
Varian Varian Bruiser Warcraft Warcraft 4.625
E.T.C. E.T.C. Tank Warcraft Warcraft 4.6
The Butcher The Butcher Melee Assassin Diablo (franchise) Diablo 4.4882
Anub'arak Anub'arak Tank Warcraft Warcraft 4.4804
D.Va D.Va Bruiser Overwatch Overwatch 4.375
Xul Xul Bruiser Diablo (franchise) Diablo 4.333
Ragnaros Ragnaros Bruiser Warcraft Warcraft 4.3242
Garrosh Garrosh Tank Warcraft Warcraft 4.293
Valeera Valeera Melee Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 4.2656
Kharazim Kharazim Healer Diablo (franchise) Diablo 4.2226
Maiev Maiev Melee Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 4.211
Qhira Qhira Melee Assassin Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm 4.168
Rehgar Rehgar Healer Warcraft Warcraft 4.168
Uther Uther Healer Warcraft Warcraft 4.1093
Mephisto Mephisto Ranged Assassin Diablo (franchise) Diablo 4.1015
Malthael Malthael Bruiser Diablo (franchise) Diablo 4.086
Alarak Alarak Melee Assassin StarCraft StarCraft 4.0625
Tychus Tychus Ranged Assassin StarCraft StarCraft 4.0117
Greymane Greymane Ranged Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 3.9062
Thrall Thrall Bruiser Warcraft Warcraft 3.9062
Zul'jin Zul'jin Ranged Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 3.9023
Stukov Stukov Healer StarCraft StarCraft 3.8554
Rexxar Rexxar Bruiser Warcraft Warcraft 3.7695
Deckard Deckard Healer Diablo (franchise) Diablo 3.7083
Kerrigan Kerrigan Melee Assassin StarCraft StarCraft 3.6757
Illidan Illidan Melee Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 3.5898
Samuro Samuro Melee Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 3.5898
Sgt. Hammer Sgt. Hammer Ranged Assassin StarCraft StarCraft 3.582
Gul'dan Gul'dan Ranged Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 3.543
Alexstrasza Alexstrasza Healer Warcraft Warcraft 3.539
Auriel Auriel Healer Diablo (franchise) Diablo 3.539
Genji Genji Ranged Assassin Overwatch Overwatch 3.4882
Anduin Anduin Healer Warcraft Warcraft 3.4687
Cassia Cassia Ranged Assassin Diablo (franchise) Diablo 3.46
Sylvanas Sylvanas Ranged Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 3.4414
Tassadar Tassadar Ranged Assassin StarCraft StarCraft 3.4375
Zeratul Zeratul Melee Assassin StarCraft StarCraft 3.379
Ana Ana Healer Overwatch Overwatch 3.3281
Zagara Zagara Ranged Assassin StarCraft StarCraft 3.2812
Lt. Morales Lt. Morales Healer StarCraft StarCraft 3.25
Malfurion Malfurion Healer Warcraft Warcraft 3.1796
Orphea Orphea Ranged Assassin Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm 3.1757
16px Misha Bruiser Warcraft Warcraft 3.1718
Kael'thas Kael'thas Ranged Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 3.168
Tyrande Tyrande Healer Warcraft Warcraft 3.1484
Nazeebo Nazeebo Ranged Assassin Diablo (franchise) Diablo 3.129
Li Li Li Li Healer Warcraft Warcraft 3.125
Medivh Medivh Support Warcraft Warcraft 3.0625
Brightwing Brightwing Healer Warcraft Warcraft 3.0195
Raynor Raynor Ranged Assassin StarCraft StarCraft 3.0195
Kel'Thuzad Kel'Thuzad Ranged Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 3.0117
Lúcio Lúcio Healer Overwatch Overwatch 3
Lunara Lunara Ranged Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 2.9804
Junkrat Junkrat Ranged Assassin Overwatch Overwatch 2.9687
Olaf Olaf Support The Lost Vikings (franchise) The Lost Vikings 2.9648
Whitemane Whitemane Healer Warcraft Warcraft 2.9218
Chromie Chromie Ranged Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 2.8984
Hanzo Hanzo Ranged Assassin Overwatch Overwatch 2.8632
Falstad Falstad Ranged Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 2.8437
Jaina Jaina Ranged Assassin Warcraft Warcraft 2.8437
Valla Valla Ranged Assassin Diablo (franchise) Diablo 2.793
Nova Nova Ranged Assassin StarCraft StarCraft 2.711
Tracer Tracer Ranged Assassin Overwatch Overwatch 2.707
Li-Ming Li-Ming Ranged Assassin Diablo (franchise) Diablo 2.6458
Probius Probius Ranged Assassin StarCraft StarCraft 2.625
Fenix Fenix Ranged Assassin StarCraft StarCraft 2.379
Baleog Baleog Support The Lost Vikings (franchise) The Lost Vikings 2.2788
Erik Erik Support The Lost Vikings (franchise) The Lost Vikings 1.596
Abathur Abathur Support StarCraft StarCraft 1.4257

Abilities that affect Health Regeneration[]

Basic Abilities[]


  • Anub'arak' level 1 Talent "Regeneration Master" increase his Health Regeneration by 1 for every Regeneration Globe collected, up to 30.
  • Dehaka's level 1 Talent "Tissue Regeneration" increases his Health Regeneration by 4 for every 50 essence collected, up to 40.
  • Johanna's level 1 Talent "Laws of Hope" increases her Health Regeneration by 1.5 (+4% per level).
  • Hogger's level 1 Talent "On The Prowl" increases his Health Regeneration by 9, increased by 2% for each point of Rage he has.
  • Ragnaros's level 4 Talent "Catching Fire" increase his Health Regeneration by 1.25 for every Regeneration Globe collected, up to 18.75.
  • Rexxar's level 4 Talent "Hunter-Gatherer" increase his and Mishas' Health Regeneration by 1.25 for every Regeneration Globe collected, up to 25.
  • Stitches's level 1 Talent "Savor the Flavor" increases his Health Regeneration by 1.5 for every usage of Devour on an enemy Hero.

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