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Healing Fountain
Targetinfopanel unit bb building moonwell.png
Structure Information
ID TownMoonwellL2 and TownMoonwellL3
Health Exterior Fountain: 550;
Interior Fountain: 700
Shield Exterior Fountain:2,000;
Interior Fountain:2,350
Buff Regenerate 40% of max Health and 30% of max Mana over 20 seconds
Kill XP None

Healing Fountains are structures that can be used to regain a substantial amount of Health and Mana over a short period.


Once a Healing Fountain is activated by a player, they will regenerate 40% of their maximum Health and 30% of their maximum Mana over a period of 20 seconds. Players can only benefit from allied Healing Fountains, however, Enemy Healing Fountains can be destroyed to prevent the opposing team from making use of them.

Using a Healing Fountain has a 120 second cooldown that is shared between all allied Healing Fountains on the Battleground. Each player has their own drinking cooldown, which does not affect other players. The time remaining until the player can use a Healing Fountain is displayed by their protrait and above each Healing Fountain. Healing Fountains will light up brightly to indicate when the player is able to use them. The player is free to reuse the same Healing Fountain once the cooldown has expired, or to use any other Healing Fountain belonging to their team.

Healing Fountains are extremely useful, but because of their placement - being mostly found in the friendly Forts, equal to roughly the defensive third of each Battleground - they are hard to utilize except when defending the team's Forts. However, their power often makes them worth riding back to make use of, especially between Minion waves. When defending, they should be used to maximum effect.

Healing Fountains have little Health, but a large Shield, which amounts to ~77% of their total hit points. The shield regenerates 10% of its maximum value per second after 8 seconds of not taking damage.


Healing Fountain Portraits
Carbot Fountain Portrait.png
Carbot Fountain
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75


Healing Fountain Sprays
Carbot Fountain Spray.png
Carbot Fountain
Gem.png120 / Shard.png112