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Morales healing

Healing is a game mechanic in Heroes of the Storm that is the ability to restore a unit's Health. Healing can be viewed as the polar opposite of damage. Healer heroes are known for keeping their team alive through heals. The Awards system screen only counts healing applied to allies, which means healing applied to yourself through health regeneration, lifesteal, or regeneration globes will not be recorded in the statistics. Healing cannot increase a unit's current health over its maximum, unlike a Shield.

Allies that are affected by Stasis cannot be interacted with directly via heals. However, Heal over Time effects, unit targeted delayed heals, such as Rehgar's "Ancestral Healing", and triggered heals, like Stukov's "Bio-Kill Switch", will resolve during Stasis if they have been cast beforehand.

Heal over Time[]

Heal over time (generally abbreviated as HoT) refers to a type of healing ability. A HoT does not immediately heal a target; a HoT instead heals the target for a certain amount over regular intervals. The healing is typically applied every X seconds (X varies between different HoTs). Once applied, HoTs will persist on the unit regardless of its caster's state and should not be confused with periodic healing, such as Lt. Morales's "Healing Beam." Heal over Time effects are indicated by a darker green section in the unit's Health bar. HoTs from different sources stack fully, i.e. resolve simultaneously, but HoTs of the same source usually only refresh the duration. Regeneration Globes are considered different healing sources and their HoTs stack fully.


Main article: Lifesteal

Lifesteal is a type of self-healing effect that heals the attacker based on a percentage of damage dealt.

Healing modifier[]

Main article: Healing modifier

Some abilities and talents may also modify (increase or decrease) the amount of healing received by allies or enemies. These healing buffs/debuffs affect all healing effects including health regeneration, Lifesteal and other self-healing effects.

Spell Power Modification also alters the amount of Healing done by a Hero's Abilities, but with the exception of Lifesteal and Lifesteal-related mechanics.

Unlike Percent damage, healing based on a percentage of the healed target's or the healer's Health are affected by Healing Modifiers and Spell Power as well.

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