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Hanamura Temple
Hanamura Temple Loading Screen.png
Battleground Information
Unique Objectives
  • Single Payload - At regular intervals, a payload spawns at the center of the battleground that can be contested by both teams.
  • Escort Payloads - Stand next to the payload and move it to its destination. Prevent the enemy from trying to do the same.
  • Bombard your Enemy - Once a team escorts the payload to its destination, it will fire upon the enemy’s Forts!
First Objective 3:00 minutes
Subsequent Objectives 3:00 minutes after the Payload is captured
Lanes 2
Announcer Athena
Realm Overwatch
Release Date April 25, 2017

Hanamura Temple is a large two-lane battleground set within the realm of Overwatch. Overseen by Athena, this map features a payload that periodically spawns in the center. Teams work to escort the payload to their drop-in point, which unleashes a barrage at the enemy's Structures once it reaches its destination.


Overwatch This section concerns content exclusive to the Overwatch universe.

Hanamura is a well-preserved village of unassuming shops and quiet streets in Japan, known mostly for its idyllic cherry blossom festival every spring. But to those who know its history, Hanamura is the ancestral home of the Shimada ninja clan (to which Hanzo and Genji used to belong), which had grown over the centuries to become a powerful criminal organization. As its neighboring cities expanded, Hanamura was encircled, and eventually it was incorporated as a district within a larger city. For now, the imposing compound of the Shimada family lies empty, but that peace may soon be broken.[1]

Map layout[]

Hanamura has two lanes, with the objective always spawning in the exact center of the map. The payload destinations sprawl outward from here.

Hanamura Temple map.jpg

Areas of interest[]

Minimapicon watchtower.png Recon Camp
Amount: 2
Location: Located at the north and south of the center, near the lanes.
Description: Defeat the defending Mercenaries and capture them to gain vision.
Minimap hanamura payload icon.png Payload
Amount: 1
Location: At the center of the map
Description: Escort the payload along the designated route to fire upon the enemy’s Structures.

Mercenary Camps[]

There are four Mercenary camps to be recruited in this battleground in addition to the 2 Recon Camps. Mercenaries are enabled during the Primary Objectives.

Minimapicon merccamp.png Reward Camps
  • Amount: 2
  • Spawns: After 1 min and respawns 2:30 min after the Camp has been captured.
  • Location: Located near the southeast and northwest Forts.
  • Description: Drops a Turret upon capture that can be picked up and dropped elsewhere.
Minimapicon elitemerccamp.png Siege Camps
  • Amount: 2
  • Spawns: After 1 min and respawns 2 min after the camp has been captured.
  • Location: Located near the southwest and northeast Forts. Moves down the closest lane upon capture.
  • Description: Sentinels push down lanes and have a strong cleave attack. As Elite Mercenaries, Sentinels like Bosses are Unstoppable and cannot be bribed.

Primary Objectives[]

Core Ability: Missile Volley[]

  • Every 8 seconds, the Core fires 2 volleys of missiles around it, dealing 5% of maximum Health damage to enemy Heroes and slowing them by 70% for 1.25 seconds. Recasts after 8 seconds when an enemy Hero is close.

Single Payload[]

Loadscreen hanamuratemple icon1.png
  • At regular intervals, a payload spawns in the very center of the map. The payload is neutral and can be pushed by either team, and is contested by standing within 8m.

Escort Payloads[]

Loadscreen hanamuratemple icon2.png
  • Stand within 8m of the payload and move it to its destination. The more Heroes who are present to escort a payload, the faster it will move. This effect caps at 3 nearby allied Heroes.
  • Each successive capture of the payload for a team is slightly more difficult than the last (although it resets the cycle to the easiest route if it would be a 4th capture for a given team):
  • If even a single enemy Hero is nearby, it will be contested and will not move.
    • The first payload will travel a relatively safe path: The first push destination goes out to the top of the map for the left-side team and the bottom of the map for the right-side team. This first path takes 42 seconds to push with a single Hero, ~32.7 with two, and 29.4 with three. When a team captures the payload, their path adjusts, but the losing team’s does not, effectively adding anti-snowball capabilities.
    • The second path goes by the turret camp in enemy territory and takes 29 seconds to push with a single Hero, ~22.5 with two Heroes, and 20.3 with three Heroes.
    • The third path goes even deeper into enemy territory and goes by the Sentinel camp, taking 46 seconds with one Hero, ~35.8 with two Heroes, and 32.2 seconds for three Heroes.
    • This pattern will reset to the first path should the game encounter a fourth objective.
  • The payload prevents creation of terrain within its proximity.
    • The payload will destroy ability-created pathing blockers like Force Wall, Arreat Crater, Barricade, Holy Ground and Entomb if it blocks the path.

Bombard your Enemy[]

Loadscreen hanamuratemple icon3.png
  • Once a team escorts the payload to its destination, it will fire 12 shots that do 1900 damage each upon the enemy’s Structures.
  • The payload prioritizes the lane that has taken the least amount of damage.
  • Once the payload is pushed all the way, it takes 3:00 to respawn.


Main article: Hanamura (original)

Hanamura was released in April 2017 and was an entirely different map: On the first rendition of the Hanamura map, each team had up to two payloads that needed to be escorted across the map. However, because each team had up to two payloads at once, there could potentially be four different objectives happening at the same time. This was a lot to take in and people weren’t too fond of it. Upon reaching their destination, the payloads would fire missiles at the enemy Core. The Core itself was protected like Towers of Doom’s Core.

Destroying enemy Keeps originally caused Sapper Minions to spawn with allied Minion waves, which fired on the Core upon reaching the end of their lanes. This generally spelled doom for the other team, as now they had to pay attention to their payloads, the enemy's payloads, the Boss, and up to two lanes that no longer have any defenses. An update a couple months after the map's release (July 11, 2017) removed the Sappers. While this removed the aspect of adding another thing to pay attention to, it also made it so the only way to win was pushing payloads or defeating the Boss. This was not a very popular design choice as it made sieging on the map feel futile. This led to games where one team would have no Structures left and the game would come down to just brawling over the objective until one team won. This also allowed teams to drag games out indefinitely by refusing to push their own payloads while also preventing the enemy team from pushing.

On August 8, 2017, Hanamura was temporarily removed from all game modes except Custom Games in order to undergo changes. On May 22, 2018 Hanamura was also removed from Custom Games while work continued on map changes.

Hanamura Temple was re-released in September 2018 with heavy changes: One of the first things the developers addressed was the Core. "Simply put, attacking a Core feels good. Being able to get in to the enemy’s base and really finish the job is something that was sorely missing from the previous version of Hanamura. So, our priority was to open the Core area up to direct threats. This also helps to ensure that a team always has an idea of what they should (or at least could) be doing. Previously, if there were no payloads or Mercenaries up, players kind of just stood around soaking and looking pretty. Now you always know that there’s something you could be doing to progress towards victory."[2]

While still a two-lane map, the jungle, Merc camps, and objectives were all altered to support the increased emphasis on team fights. There is now only one single payload during objective times. It spawns in the dead center of the map, and both teams must fight over control and ownership of the payload. Additionally, the paths that the payload travels are team specific. The first payload you see on the battleground will travel a relatively safe path in the center of the map, then head north or south to its destination. The path for your second payload is a bit more treacherous, taking you into enemy territory to score the capture. The third path is also dangerous and a bit longer to boot. Finally, once a payload is captured, it will attack Structures in order of highest health with the Core as its final target.

In addition to those big changes, the developers changed the Mercenary camps available on Hanamura. The old version of the map had Fortification Camps, Support Camps, and Recon Camps. Recon Camps dropped an item that gave limited vision instead of just being a capture point. The Support Camps and the Mega Enforcer (Boss) were removed from the map entirely. Instead, there are now Sentinel Camps.


  • The name "Hanamura" or "花村" literally means "flower village" in Japanese.
  • The art team made the decision to port Hanamura because they loved the aesthetic of the map as it appears in Overwatch. They also felt that Hanamura was one of the more instantly recognizable maps from Overwatch, and they felt it was easily distinguished from any of the other maps they had previously built. The design team knew beforehand that whatever their first Overwatch map would be, it would use the payload mechanic.[3]
  • Special Delivery and Checkpoint: Hanamura were Brawls set on a modified version of Hanamura.
  • Even though it shares the same name as a map in Overwatch, it is not a payload map in that game.
  • The gates of Hanamura bear resemblance to Probius's Null Gate ability, but differ from it by the Dragon symbol on its center.






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