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Nova's Holo Decoys

Hallucination is a type of Summon, which inherits the appearance and some of the base stats of the corresponding Hero. This makes Hallucinations useful for deceiving enemies. Hallucinations are usually different from the Hero in that they effectively take more damage from enemy attacks and themselves deal less damage than the Hero whose appearance they are copying. Abilities that grant Revealed status can also be used to tell apart Hallucinations.

Hallucinations are Heroic Pets, meaning that their Basic Attacks deal Physical damage, unlike regular Summons, and they are considered Heroic Targets, causing them to also trigger Hero-based effects and grant progress to quests that require hitting Heroes. Hallucinations are capable of gaining experience by dealing lethal damage to enemies and through collecting Experience Globes. Unlike some Heroic Pets, Hallucinations do not grant any XP or takedown credits upon death.

List of Hallucinations[]