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Targetinfopanel unit wcav minion melee alliance.png
Monster Information
Base Health 1,200
Base Damage 30
Attack Speed 1
Attack Range 0.5
Movement Speed 3
Base Kill XP 50
Map Alterac Pass

Guards are monsters unique to the Alterac Pass battleground. They appear as Footmen for the Alliance side and Grunts for the Horde, thus bearing a similar appearance to their race's melee minions.



Trained in the arts of swordsmanship, the stoic footmen of the Alliance serve as Lordaeron's first line of defense. Armed with broadswords and heavy kite shields, footmen are capable of breaking any enemy charge.[1]


Those orcs who distinguished themselves enough in the arts of war to be trained as grunts epitomized the merciless spirit of the Horde. Equipped with mighty axes and battle-worn armor, they were prepared to fight to the death. Devoted to the Horde and to their clans, the grunt lusted for battle - wanting nothing more than to wade into the field of carnage and die a bloody death surrounded by the bodies of his fallen enemies.[2]


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Once a Prison Camp spawns first time for either team, friendly Guards will spawn nearby in group of two. For every consecutive objective, one more Guard spawns, up to four. Aside from attacking enemies, the Guards will channel the Prison Camp in order to retake control over it. This channeling does not stall the objective progress, unlike channeling done by Heroes, but it can be interrupted by damage as well. Friendly Guards continue to spawn periodically as long as a Prison Camp is being captured by the enemy team, and will quickly spawn until they reach the initial quantity if the Camp gets retaken by the allied forces.

Once a team frees the prisoners at an enemy camp, allied Cavalry will charge down all three lanes, attacking any enemies and Structures in their paths.



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