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Grunty DevRend DotA1
For the Grunty skin available in-game, see Murky.

Grunty is a murloc marine. He appeared in early builds of Heroes of the Storm. He has since become an alternative skin for Murky.[1] Grunty was sucked into a magic vortex and whipped across the dimensions when he battled a 25-man raid one Tuesday night. Deposited in the Koprulu sector, Grunty often finds himself among the zerg as murlocs are the only creatures the zerg have ever refused to infest.[2]

Development Edit

Grunty SC2 DevHead1

"Evil" Grunty

Grunty was conceived within the first two years of the game's development.[3] He appeared in early builds of Heroes of the Storm.[4] He was good at supporting heroes,[2] was the fastest hero in the game[5] and benefited from dexterity items, but was easily killed.[2] He was classed as an agility, carry-type hero.[4]

He was similar to a stealth assassin from DotA with a ranged attack rather than cloaking.[4]

His stats and abilities were as follows:

  • Stats
    • Life: 1
    • Attack: Almost 6
    • Abilities: 4
    • Speed: 6
  • Abilities
    • Aqua Shot
    • Ensnare
    • Haste
    • Lunar Tide
    • Rapid Fire
    • Vigor [4]


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