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Gold is an in-game currency used in Heroes of the Storm and is the primary form of reward in the game.


Gold can be used to

Earning gold[]

Playing a match in most game modes give you gold upon completion. The amount of gold depends on which game mode has been played and on whether the match has been won or lost. Stimpacks and the First Win of the Day bonus can further increase this amount. The following table lists all amounts of gold that can be earned in various game modes.

Game Mode No Boost With Boost First Win
of the Day
Defeat Victory 1:2 Defeat Defeat Victory 1:2 Defeat
Quick Match Money.png20 Money.png30 - Money.png50 Money.png75 - Money.png15
Unranked Draft
Storm League
Versus A.I. - Money.png10 - - Money.png25 - Money.png5
Removed Game Modes
Hero League Money.png20 Money.png30 - Money.png50 Money.png75 - Money.png15
Team League Money.png30 Money.png50 Money.png75 Money.png125 Money.png25
Heroes Brawl Money.png10 Money.png20 Money.png15 Money.png25 Money.png50 Money.png38 -

Other sources of gold:

  • Every 5 Hero Levels (5, 10, 15 etc.) (out-of-game) on any Hero gives you Money.png500.
  • Completing a Daily Quest gives you Money.png200 to Money.png800, depending on the quest.
  • Completing the Introduction Tutorial for Money.png250, the Basic Tutorial for Money.png250, and Advanced Tutorial for Money.png500.
  • Ranked Season 3 2019: Winning 50 games gives you a total of Money.png3750.
  • Having qualified for Hero League or Team League gives you Money.png500 to Money.png2,000 for each mode at the end of the season, depending of the maximum rank reached during the season in the respective mode.