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Go4Heroes Americas Cup 1
Tournament Information
Organizer ESL
Location Americas
Format Single Elimination
Prize Pool $ 100
Date 12/07/2014
Start Date 12/07/2014
End Date 12/07/2014
Website Website

Go4Heroes is a weekly tournament open to everybody. Placing higher gets you more points to help you qualify for the monthly tournament at the end of the month.



  • Single Elimination bracket
    • Matches are Best of 1, with the Finals being a Best of 3

Prize Pool[]

First place team receives $100 in winnings in addition to points.

Place Points Team
First Place 1st 100 Placeholder.png Team Spartanien
Second Place 2nd 75 C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex
Third Place3rd 50 G!G.png Glorious! Gaming


2ARC.png 2ARC Gaming Amateur Team Players BB.jpg B A R R E L B O Y S C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex
Dreamstate :) EST.png ESV.Tempest ESW.png ESV.Wildfire Estarlogo.png eStar Gaming
 FKC Insane Vultures G!G.png Glorious! Gaming Kaos Latin Gamers League of Legends is Better
 Murlocs Inc. Nefhleim Gaming Team Nexus Champ Placeholder.png Team Spartanien


  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Placeholder.png Team Spartanien 1
  BB.jpg B A R R E L B O Y S 0
  Placeholder.png Team Spartanien 1
  Team Nexus Champ 0
  Team Nexus Champ 1
  Nefhleim Gaming 0
  Placeholder.png Team Spartanien 1
  ESW.png ESV.Wildfire 0
  EST.png ESV.Tempest 1
  League of Legends is Better 0
  EST.png ESV.Tempest 0
  ESW.png ESV.Wildfire 1
  Kaos Latin Gaming 0
  ESW.png ESV.Wildfire 1
  Placeholder.png Team Spartanien 2
  C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex 0
  G!G.png Glorious! Gaming 1
  Dreamstate :) 0
  G!G.png Glorious! Gaming 1
  Estarlogo.png eStar Gaming 0
   FKC Insane Vultures 0
  Estarlogo.png eStar Gaming 1
  G!G.png Glorious! Gaming 0
3rd place match
  C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex 1
  C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex 1   G!G.png Glorious! Gaming 1
  Amateur Team Players 0   ESW.png ESV.Wildfire 0
  C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex 1
  2ARC.png 2ARC Gaming 0
   Murlocs Inc. 0
  2ARC.png 2ARC Gaming 1

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