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Tournament Information
Organizer ESL
Location Americas
Format Weekly Tournament
Start Date 12/07/2014
Website Website
Stream Stream

The Go4Heroes Cup Series has one cup each week, where you can earn points to qualify for the Monthly Final.

Overview[edit | edit source]

On every Sunday teams, who win at least one match, will receive points. The 16 teams with the most points qualify for the Monthly Finals. The Top 2 teams from the Monthly Finals also qualify for the ESL Heroes Major League Relegation. This means they will face the bottom 4 Teams of last season and will fight for their spots.

Format[edit | edit source]

  • Weekly tournament where anyone who wins at least 1 game gains points
    • Winner of weekly tournament also receives $100 (USD)
  • Top 16 teams enter a monthly tournament with top 2 teams qualifying for ESL Heroes Major League Relegation
    • Winner of monthly tournament also receivers $ 250 (USD)

View Games[edit | edit source]

Past Weeks[edit | edit source]

Season 1_ December_ Go4Heroes Americas Cup 1Go4Heroes Americas Cup 2Go4Heroes Americas Cup 3Go4Heroes Americas Cup 4Go4Heroes Americas Monthly Final - December
January_ Go4Heroes Americas Cup 5Go4Heroes Americas Cup 6Go4Heroes Americas Cup 7Go4Heroes Americas Cup 8Go4Heroes Americas Monthly Final - January

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