Heroes of the Storm Wiki

A Global Ability is a type of Ability that may be cast to and from anywhere on the battlefield with no range restrictions. These abilities are exceptionally powerful because they allow you to assist the team while you are busy somewhere else on the map. Global heroes are heroes with long distance mobility allowing them to jump around the map quickly, which is vital on large maps like Warhead Junction.

Some heroes' abilities don't truly cover the length of the entire map but are generally considered global because of their range or unparalleled mobility. These include Falstad's mount Flight, Illidan's heroic The Hunt, Lt. Morales' heroic Medivac Dropship, and Auriel's level 20 Angelic Flight. These abilities are often referred to as "Semi-Global". These abilities, as well as global skillshots like Sgt. Hammer's BFG or Ana's Eye of Horus and other global abilities that require a body to continuously move across the map, like Illidan's The Hunt with Nowhere to Hide upgrade, require continuous ground between the caster and the target: for example, they cannot target the other layer of the Haunted Mines, while other global abilities can.

Global abilities[]

Global movement[]

  • Abathur's mount Deep Tunnel teleports him to any visible location.
  • Brightwing's mount Phase Shift teleports her to any allied hero.
  • Deathwing's mount Dragonflight allows him to leave the map, and he can land in any visible location.
  • Dehaka's mount Brushstalker teleports him to any bush.
  • E.T.C.'s heroic ability Stage Dive teleports him to any target location on the map.
  • Gul'dan's level 20 talent Demonic Circle teleports him to his Demonic Circle from anywhere on the map.
  • Hanzo's level 20 talent Play of the Game allows him to teleport to the location of his Dragon's Arrow.
  • Illidan's level 20 talent Nowhere to Hide grants The Hunt unlimited range.
  • The Lost Vikings' heroic ability Play Again! teleports all Vikings to the location of the Viking that channeled.
  • Lt. Morales' level 10 talent Medivac Dropship also gives her the ability Reinforcements, which summons a Medivac at spawn that flies towards the cast location. Allies can enter the Medivac before it takes flight.
  • Samuro's trait Image Transmission teleports him to any of his images swapping locations with them.
  • Zagara's heroic ability Nydus Network can be cast anywhere with Creep, once Zagara enters a Nydus Worm she can travel to any other Nydus Worm on the map.

Global skillshots[]

  • Ana's heroic ability Eye of Horus allows her to fire up to 8 shots that damage the first enemy hero/structure or heal the first allied hero.
  • Artanis' heroic ability Suppression Pulse deals minor damage and blinds all enemies in a massive AoE.
  • Fenix's heroic ability Planet Cracker channels to fire a laser that deals heavy damage to enemies.
  • Hanzo's heroic ability Dragon's Arrow fires an arrow that damages and stuns in an AoE when it hits a hero, dealing more damage and stunning longer the further it flies.
  • Kel'Thuzad's heroic ability Shadow Fissure deals damage to heroes in a small AoE.
  • Nova's heroic ability Precision Strike deals damage to all enemies in an AoE.
  • Ragnaros' heroic ability Lava Wave is cast on any lane and will travel down the full length dealing damage to whatever it passes through.
  • Sgt. Hammer's heroic ability BFG fires a missile that crosses the map dealing damage to whoever it hits.
  • Tyrande's ability Sentinel sends an owl that grants vision and damages the first enemy hero it hits.

Other abilities[]

  • Abathur's ability Symbiote and heroic abilities Ultimate Evolution and Monstrosity can be cast on allies from anywhere.
  • Abathur's level 7 talent Calldown: MULE has global range.
  • Artanis' heroic ability Purifier Beam fires a beam that pursues a target hero, dealing heavy damage.
  • Azmodan's trait Demon Lieutenant can be cast on any allied minion, non-boss mercenary or Azmodan's summon.
  • Chromie's level 1 talent Timewalker's Pursuit can Reveal an area on the map for a short time.
  • Diablo's heroic ability Apocalypse creates a rune under each enemy hero on the map that explodes damaging and stunning enemies hit.
  • Mephisto's heroic ability Consume Souls reveals, damages and slows every enemy hero on the map.
  • Tassadar's level 13 talent Oracle channels to reveal an area on the map for a short time.
  • Tyrande's heroic ability Shadowstalk grants health and stealths every allied hero on the map.
    • Her level 20 talent Eyes of the Huntress, makes Shadowstalk reveal every enemy hero on the map.

Semi-Global abilities[]

  • Abathur's ability Toxic Nests places mines anywhere in a large area.
  • Auriel's level 20 talent Angelic Flight allows her to fly anywhere within a large area.
  • Falstad's mount Flight allows him to fly anywhere within a large area.
  • Illidan's heroic ability The Hunt allows him to charge into a target enemy within a large area.
  • Lt. Morales' heroic ability Medivac Dropship summons a Medivac that flies to a target location. Allies can enter the Medivac before it takes flight.
  • Zagara's level 20 talent Endless Creep increases the range of Creep Tumor by 2000%.