Heroes Brawl - Ghost Protocol

Ghost Protocol is an all-Nova snipe-battle on Towers of Doom. Be sure to practice your aim before heading into battle, because every shot counts in this game mode – Snipe not only instantly kills enemy Heroes, but it also reduces the enemy team’s Core health by 1.

Rules Edit

  • Every player is locked in as Nova, Default skin vs. Spectres
  • Landing a Snipe on an enemy Hero will instantly kill them
  • All deaths remove one health from the opposing team’s Core
  • All players have full access to Talents and Heroic Abilities
  • Be the first team to bring the enemy’s Core health to zero to secure victory!

Rewards Edit

Complete three matches of Ghost Protocol to earn a Loot Chest.

Previous rewards Edit

Completing three matches of Ghost Protocol earned 1,000 Gold and the following portrait:

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