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Structure Information
Health 20,000 (+405 per minute)
Attack Damage 330
Debuff True Sight
Attack Speed 1
Attack Range 2.0
Kill XP Winning the Match

The Generals are the leaders of the Horde and Alliance on the Alterac Pass battleground. The Horde is led by Drek'Thar, mentor to Thrall and elder shaman of the Frostwolves. The Alliance is led by Vanndar Stormpike, fierce dwarf warrior and leader of the Alterac Valley Stormpike Expedition. For gameplay purposes, they are considered as structures. They also serve as the maps announcer and can be crafted as Legendary Announcers for Gem.png600 / Shard.png1,200.



Drek'Thar is the elder shaman and seer of the Frostwolf clan, and served as Thrall's tutor many years ago. Drek'Thar had to prove his worth during the Horde's dark period, being one of the first shaman eager to learn the dark arts of warlock magic. He found the spirits of the elements to be close companions, so shamanism became his path to might. Despite his power over the elements, Drek'Thar always maintained his meekness and wisdom. He continues to shepherd the younger shaman of the Horde in the old traditions of his people. Currently Drek'Thar is the General of the Frostwolf armies in Alterac Valley, as well as one of the few remaining orcs from the old Horde in the current faction.

A few lines of dialogue imply he's being manipulated by the Raven Lord. The backstory of the Drek'thar Rehgar skin elaborates on this: The Raven Lord took the form of a great raven spirit, who warned him about the Alliance's invasion and their new allies.

Drek'Thar's appearance is generally pretty similar to his depictions in World of Warcraft, the most notable differences being the addition of raven skulls and bones in his armor, hinting at the Raven Lord's influence.

Vanndar Stormpike[]

Vanndar Stormpike seeks to find artifacts that may reveal more about the heritage of his people. His pursuit to find artifacts leads into the sacred land where the Frostwolf clan dwell, causing conflict between the two.

Vanndar 's winged helmet and raven-shaped hammer suggest involvement with the Raven Lord, even though Vanndar's in-game quotes and some skin descriptions state that the Alliance and Stormpike Guard are actually being backed by the Lady of Thorns.

As Cores[]

In keeping with the spirit of the original WoW battleground, the "Cores" are represented by Alterac Valley Generals. Vanndar Stormpike leads the Alliance (left team) in driving back the Horde forces at Alterac Pass. Drek'Thar has rallied the Horde (right team) to aid in defending the Pass against Alliance invaders. When the enemy General falls, the game is won.

Drek'Thar and Vanndar Stormpike have 20,000 Health and gain 405 maximum Health every minute until minute 21 (excluding minute 1). While all three keeps or their corresponding forts are up, the Generals are invulnerable. However, unlike a normal core, there is a substantial boost to the general’s durability while one or two keeps stand, gaining 20/40 armor, respectively.

The Generals have powerful attacks, with area-of-effect whirlwinds that can clear out entire waves of minions. They regenerate health whenever they aren't under fire (from 1% to full in 62.5s). This raises the importance of deciding to commit to a victory or taking keeps compared to normal maps.


  • Whirlwind: Deals damage in an area around the General.
  • Charge: The General dashes to the target enemy, dealing damage.



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