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Targetinfopanel unit nazeebo gargantuan.png
Summon Information
Summoner Nazeebo
ID WitchDoctorGargantuan
Summon Type Active
Duration 20 seconds
Health 2000 (+4% per level)
Attack Damage 140 (+4% per level)
Attack Speed 0.59
Attack Range 1.5
Abilites Stomp
Sight radius 9.0
Movement speed 4.0
Leash range 7.0
Unit radius 1.0

A Gargantuan is a Summon that can be created by Nazeebo after selecting his Heroic ability Gargantuan. The Gargantuan guards an area for 20 seconds and deals 100 (+4% per level) damage when summoned, attacks for 140 (+4% per level) damage, and can be ordered to stomp nearby enemies.


Gargantuan Stomp Icon.png
Cooldown: 5 seconds

Order the Gargantuan to stomp, dealing 240 damage to nearby enemies and Slowing them by 30% for 2 seconds.

Type: Spell damage, Crowd control
Scaling: 4.00%
Affects: Enemies
Targeting: No target
Properties: Area of Effect, Slow
Cast time: 0 + 0.25 seconds
Area of Effect: Circle
Radius: 4.0
Delay: 0.5625 seconds