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Garden Terror
Targetinfopanel unit gardenofterror boss vehicle gardenterror.png
Monster Information
Base Health 10,000
Base Damage 250
Attack Speed 0.56
Attack Range 2.0
Abilites Overgrowth, Stomp
Map Garden of Terror
Targetinfopanel unit gardenofterror boss overgrowthheart.png
Monster Information
Base Health 1,800
Abilites Disables structures
Map Garden of Terror

The Garden Terrors are plant-like monsters on the Garden of Terror map controlled by the Queen Nightshade/The Spore Queen.


Once your team collects 3 seeds, three Garden Terrors will immediately spawn and burrow to the front line of the winning team's lanes, bolstering their pushing efforts. The Garden Terrors have a large AoE stomp attack, splash damage and the Overgrowth ability. The Garden Terrors Overgrowth ability spawn a plant in a pot that disables all attacking Structures (Towers, Forts and Keeps), in a large area as long as the pot is alive. The pot has 1,800 HP (does not scale) and loses 108 HP per second. While an unchecked Terror can place the Overgrowth and not take damage from structures, any defending team can easily kill the Overgrowth to enable the structure to defend itself.

The Garden Terrors will push until defeated, at which point the objective cycle starts again.


Garden Terror Portraits
Carbot Garden Terror Portrait.png
Carbot Garden Terror
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75


Garden Terror Sprays
Carbot Garden Terror Spray.png
Carbot Garden Terror
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75


  • On the original Garden of Terror the Garden Terrors were player controlled vehicles. The Terror could place a Queen's Curse, transforming enemies who walked over it into small plants, cause an Overgrowth by planting a destroyable flower that prevented structures from firing and increases the Terror's damage against them, and Sprint for a boost in speed. For more information, see: Garden Terror (vehicle)