Heroes of the Storm Wiki
Targetinfopanel fortification camp.png
Merc Information
Base Health (Camp) 1980
Base Damage (Camp) 50
Attack Speed 1
Attack Range 1.2
Movement Speed 4
Abilites Heal Turret
Capture XP Volskaya Foundry: 460XP (+10XP per minute);

Hanamura: 460 XP (+10XP per minute)

Maps Hanamura Temple, Volskaya Foundry
Spawns after 1:00 minutes
Respawn delay 2:30 minutes
Targetinfopanel unit volskaya merc turret.png
Merc Information
Base Health (Camp) 2960
Base Damage (Camp) 36
Base Health (Captured) 2000
Base Damage (Captured) 22.5
Attack Range 7
Movement Speed 0 (Stationary)
Maps Hanamura, Volskaya Foundry
Spawns after 1:00 minutes
Respawn delay 2:30 minutes

Fortification Camps are mercenaries found on Hanamura Temple and Volskaya Foundry. They first spawn after 1:00 minutes into the game and respawn after 2:30 minutes.

While killing the Mercs does not grant any experience, capturing the Fortification Camp grants 470 XP (+10 XP per minute) on Volskaya Foundry and Hanamura Temple. If turret is below 80% HP, the Mechanic will heal it, so kill the mechanic first. The Heal ticks once per second, equal to 5.46% of the turret's HP.


Captured Fortification Camp will not travel down a lane to attack enemies. Instead, captured Mercenary Camps will each award one of three consumable power-ups. Fortification Camps allows you to place a Turret on the ground (or on moving conveyor belts) that lasts 45s and attacks nearby enemies. Turret power-ups prioritize attacking Heroes and deal double damage to Minions. Turrets count as mercenaries and can be buffed by Mercenary Lord and similar talents. The Turret can also be placed on the ground to body-block heroes.