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Flowering Shambler
Targetinfopanel unit gardenofterror boss gardenterror.png
Monster Information
Base Health 11000
Attack Speed 0.57
Attack Range 2
Abilites Stomp, Binding Roots
Base Kill XP 350 XP
Map Garden of Terror

The Flowering Shambler is a massive monster found within the Garden Arena Brawl.


Garden of Terror[]

When night falls, the Shamblers will come out in the garden area of the Battleground. The minimap displays the location of all the night horrors with purple indicators. The night sequence will not end until all the night horrors are killed. One of the objectives on the map is for each team to grab seeds. This is done by killing the small, but deadly Infested Servants scattered throughout the garden, and the massive plant called the Flowering Shambler.

In total, a single night contains 180 seeds. The Infested Servants camps grant 15 seeds. Small Infested Servants camps consist of three monsters. Each Infested Servant drops 1 seed per 30% HP lost. When a small Infested Servant dies, it drops 2 seeds for a total of 5 seeds.

One giant Flowering Shambler grant 60 seeds. When the Flowering Shamblers reach 70% HP and 30% HP, they drops a neutral Regeneration Globe. Flowering Shamblers drop 5 seeds per 10% HP lost, starting at 80% HP. When a Flowering Shambler dies, it drops 20 seeds.

Once your team collects 100 seeds, a Garden Terror will rise from this Fertile Soil. Control it quickly, or it will wither away.

Garden Arena[]

Main article: Garden Arena

The goal of this Brawl is to collect 100 seeds from the Garden Terror spawned in the middle of the arena. Teams must work against the Terror and the opposing team.