Fall of King's Crest/Emojis

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Cursed Cats Emoji Cursed Cats Blink.gif Evil Eyes Emoji Evil Eyes Bloodlust.gif
Emoji Name Shortcuts Emoji Name Shortcuts
Emoji Cursed Cats Blink.gif Blink :catblink: Emoji Evil Eyes Bloodlust.gif Bloodlust :eyeballbloodlust:
Emoji Cursed Cats Deal with it.gif Deal with it :catdealwithit: Emoji Evil Eyes C'Thun.gif C'Thun :eyeballcthun:
Emoji Cursed Cats Gleam.gif Gleam :catgleam: Emoji Evil Eyes Human.gif Human :eyeballhuman:
Emoji Cursed Cats Grumpy.gif Grumpy :catgrumpy: Emoji Evil Eyes Kilrogg.gif Kilrogg :eyeballkilrogg:
Emoji Cursed Cats Puke.gif Puke :catpuke: Emoji Evil Eyes Ravenlord.gif Ravenlord :eyeballravenlord:
Ghastly Ghosts Emoji Ghastly Ghosts Boogie.gif Silly & Spooky Emoji Silly & Spooky PoTG.gif
Emoji Name Shortcuts Emoji Name Shortcuts
Emoji Ghastly Ghosts Boogie.gif Boogie :ghostboogie: Emoji Silly & Spooky PoTG.gif PoTG :spookypotg:
Emoji Ghastly Ghosts Cheer.gif Cheer :ghostcheer: Emoji Silly & Spooky Raven LOL.gif Raven LOL :spookyravenlol:
Emoji Ghastly Ghosts Clap.gif Clap :ghostclap:
Emoji Silly & Spooky RIP.gif RIP :spookyrip:
Emoji Ghastly Ghosts Rage.gif Rage :ghostrage: Emoji Silly & Spooky Spider.gif Spider :spookyspider:
Emoji Ghastly Ghosts Worry.gif Worry :ghostworry: Emoji Silly & Spooky Worm.gif Worm :spookyworm: