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Event Quote Audio Notes
Start of a Match

¡Bienvenidos a la catedral de las mejores batallas del Nexo! La arena está de bote en bote, ¡y arrancamos!

Translation: Welcome to the cathedral of the best battles in the Nexus! The arena is packed, and we begin!
Language: Spanish
De bote en bote is an idiom. It translates literally to "from boat to boat."

¡Faltan diez segundos!

Translation: Ten seconds left!
Language: Spanish


Translation: Five.
Language: Spanish


Translation: Four.
Language: Spanish


Translation: Three.
Language: Spanish


Translation: Two.
Language: Spanish


Translation: One!
Language: Spanish

(Bell ringing) ¡Que se llame Lucía para que le digan Lucha!

Translation: Let her be named Lucía so they may call her Lucha!
Language: Spanish
A pun. As a name, Lucha is a nickname for Lucía; as a word, it means "fight."

(Bell ringing) ¡Vámonos!

Translation: Let's go!
Language: Spanish

(Bell ringing) ¡Empezaaaaaaamos!

Translation: Let's begin!
Language: Spanish
Talents Unlocked

Elige un talento.

Translation: Choose a talent.
Language: Spanish

¡Qué talento el de estos luchadores!

Translation: What talent from these fighters!
Language: Spanish

¡Talento, talento, taleeeeeeeento!

Translation: Talent, talent, talent!
Language: Spanish
Player Abandons

¡Un luchador se cayó del cuadrilátero!

Translation: A fighter fell out of the ring!
Language: Spanish

¡No es posible! Un luchador que se desaparece... ¿Volverá al ring?

Translation: Impossible! A fighter disappears... Will he return to the ring?
Language: Spanish
Player Rejoins

¿Qué pasa? ¡Un luchador vuelve, sube de nuevo al cuadrilátero!

Translation: What's going on? A fighter returns, he climbs back into the ring!
Language: Spanish

Un luchador ha regresado. ¿Qué creían, que a poco se iba a rendir así de fácil?

Translation: A fighter has returned. What did they think, that he was just going to give up that easily?
Language: Spanish
Player Kills

¡Cayó ese héroe!

Translation: That Hero fell!
Language: Spanish

¡Qué brutal guillotina!

Translation: What a brutal guillotine!
Language: Spanish
The guillotine is an amateur wrestling move.

¡Espectacular, señores!

Translation: Spectacular, gentlemen!
Language: Spanish

(crowd cheers) ¡El público está que arde!

Translation: The crowd is on fire!
Language: Spanish

¡Estos luchadores se dieron con todo!

Translation: These fighters gave their all!
Language: Spanish

¡Ahí está, qué podeeeer!

Translation: There it is, what power!
Language: Spanish

(excited) ¡Uy, mira nada más! Cuando el referí no veía...

Translation: Oops, look no more! Just when the referee wasn't watching...
Language: Spanish

¡Desde la tercera cueeeeerda!

Translation: From the third rope!
Language: Spanish
The attacking Hero may have jumped from the top rope to take down the slain Hero.
Double kill

¡Muerte doble!

Translation: Double kill!
Language: Spanish
Triple kill

¡Muerte triple!

Translation: Triple kill!
Language: Spanish
Quadruple kill

¡Muerte cuádruple!

Translation: Quadruple kill!
Language: Spanish
Mega kill


Translation: Megakill!
Language: Spanish
First blood

¡Primera... sangre!

Translation: First... blood!
Language: Spanish
Player Deaths

(shocked crowd) ¡Ahora sí, se lo cargó el payaso!

Translation: Now, he got really messed up!
Language: Spanish
Se lo cargó el payaso is an idiom. It translates literally to "he was loaded by the clown." The phrase may have originated in rodeo; in that case, it follows that the person was probably loaded into an ambulance by the rodeo clown.

(shocked crowd) ¡Cuello!

Translation: Neck!
Language: Spanish
The enemy may have hit the Hero in the neck or put them in a chokehold.

(shocked crowd) ¡Y ahí está la cuenta! Uno, dos, tres... ¡Sáquese!

Translation: And there's the countdown! One, two, three... Out!
Language: Spanish

(shocked crowd) ¡No! ¡Ese luchador está fuera!

Translation: No! This fighter is out!
Language: Spanish

(crowd rallies) Una llave devastadora. ¡Más vale que los rudos se la cobren!

Translation: A devastating chokehold! The tough guys had better charge them!
Rudos describes a team of "tough guy" wrestlers who bend or break the rules. "Charge them" here is as in "make them pay."

(crowd rallies) ¡La multitud quiere más!

Translation: The crowd wants more!
Language: Spanish
Killing spree ended

Se acabó el desenfreno. El que a hierro mata, no muere a sombrerazos.

Translation: The killing spree is over. He that lives by the sword, does not die softly.
Language: Spanish
The original idiom is quien a hierro mata, a hierro muere—those who live by the sword, die by the sword. The altered second half, no muere a sombrerazos, translates literally to "does not die by (multiple) hits from a hat."

El desenfreno de nuestro héroe se acabó.

Translation: The killing spree of our Hero is over.
Language: Spanish
Killing spree ended (ally)

Se acabó!

Translation: It's over!
Language: Spanish
Enemy Team Wiped

¡Los técnicos están en la lona!

Translation: The good guys are on the mat!
Language: Spanish
Técnicos describes a team of "good guy" wrestlers, who are known for using moves that require technical skill. "On the mat" may mean that the team is down, on the canvas floor of the ring.

¡Increíble! ¡Los rudos están en la lona!

Translation: Incredible! The tough guys are on the mat!
Language: Spanish

¡Los técnicos cayeron! ¡Acábenlos, rudos!

Translation: The good guys fell! Finish them, tough guys!
Language: Spanish
Killing Spree Tier 1

¡Racha ruda!

Translation: Rough streak!
Language: Spanish
Tier 2


Translation: Massacre!
Language: Spanish
Tier 3


Translation: Untouchable!
Language: Spanish
Tier 4 Hero of the Storm!
Enemy Fort destroyed

¡Fuerte enemigo derrumbado!

Translation: Enemy fort collapsed!
Language: Spanish

¡Los rudazos de siete suelas y gran turismoos acabaron con el fuerte!

Translation: The unmitigated and world-traveling macho men are finished with the fort!
Language: Spanish
Rudazos is another form of rudos. De siete suelas translates literally to "of seven soles."

¡Cayó, cayó ese fuerte! Qué buena ejecución.

Translation: It fell, this fort fell! A good performance.
Language: Spanish

¡Qué manera, qué forma de tomar un fuerte, señores!

Translation: What style, what form to take a fort, gentlemen!
Language: Spanish

¡Fuerte destruido! ¡Fuerte destruido!

Translation: Fort destroyed! Fort destroyed!
Language: Spanish
Enemy Keep destroyed

¡Fortaleza destruida! ¡Más vale maña que fuerza!

Translation: Keep destroyed! Better skill than strength!
Language: Spanish

¡Fortaleza aniquilada!

Translation: Keep annihilated!
Language: Spanish

La fortaleza enemiga cae... ¡los luchadores saborean la victoria!

Translation: The enemy keep falls... the fighters taste victory!
Language: Spanish
Own Fort lost

¡Fuerte perdido! ¡Ay Raimundo y todo el mundo...

Translation: Fort lost! Woe to Raymundo and all the world...
Language: Spanish
Raymundo y todo el mundo is similar in meaning to "everyone and their mother."

¡Los técnicos tiraron un fuerte! ¡Me la van a pagar!

Translation: The good guys dumped a fort! They'll pay for that!
Language: Spanish

Los rudos se quedaron sin un fuerte. ¡No lo puedo creer!

Translation: The tough guys were left without a fort. I can't believe it!
Language: Spanish

¡Los técnicos destruyeron un fuerte!

Translation: The good guys destroyed a fort!
Language: Spanish

¡Los técnicos están imparables! Cayó el fuerte de los rudos.

Translation: The good guys are unstoppable! The tough guys' fort fell.
Language: Spanish
Own Keep lost

¡Fortaleza perdida!

Translation: Keep lost!
Language: Spanish

¡Los técnicos se anotan esta caída! ¡Fuera esa fortaleza!

Translation: The good guys scored a fall! Get away from that keep!
Language: Spanish
In wrestling, a fall is the act of pinning an opponent's shoulders to the mat for a certain period of time.

Los rudos perdieron una fortaleza ¡Esto ya no me gusta!

Translation: The tough guys lost a keep! I don't like this anymore!
Language: Spanish
Core is under attack

¡El núcleo está bajo ataque! ¡Vamos, rudos, tienen que reaccionar!

Translation: The core is under attack! Let's go, tough guys, you have to respond!
Language: Spanish

¡Los técnicos se lanzan por el núcleo! ¡Esto se puede acabar, señores!

Translation: The good guys are heading for the core! This may be the end, gentlemen!
Language: Spanish

(Ending bells. Crowd cheering) ¡Victoria!

Translation: Victory!
Language: Spanish

(Ending bells. Crowd cheering) ¡Lo lograron! ¡Esto se acabó! ¡Si digo que va a llover, lleven paragüas!

Translation: They've done it! It's over! If I say it's going to rain, take an umbrella!
Language: Spanish
He's declaring that he doesn't lie. If he says it's going to rain, it's true; thus, if he says the match is over, it's also true.

(Ending bells. Crowd cheering) No había visto una lucha así en mucho tiempo señores. ¡Tiene que ser la pelea de la noche, qué digo, del año!

Translation: I've never seen a fight like that in a long time, gentlemen. It has to be the match of the night, what am I saying, of the year!
Language: Spanish

(Ending bells. Crowd booing) ¡¿Derrota?! ¡Esto no se queda así, tiene que haber una revancha!

Translation: Defeat?! This won't stand, there has to be a rematch!
Language: Spanish

(Ending bells. Crowd booing) ¡Guácala de pollo! Quée forma de perder. ¿Más nieve, papá?

Translation: Shit! What a way to lose. More snow, dad?
Language: Spanish
Guácala de pollo actually translates to "chicken shit," but it does not have the same meaning as the English version of that phrase. With "more snow, dad?" El Guapo is describing the depressing situation; it's been snowing, and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop.

(Ending bells. Crowd booing) ¡Escuchen a la multitud! ¡Los rudos están como locos!

Translation: Listen to the crowd! The tough guys are crazy!
Language: Spanish
MVP Screen Current player scores an MVP

MVP. ¡La máxima figura!

Translation: MVP. The highest figure!
Language: Spanish
A player gets 3 commendations


Translation: Epic!
Language: Spanish
A player gets 7 commendations


Translation: Legendary!
Language: Spanish

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