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Skins and tints[]


  • Abathur Abathur
    • "If evolution product of design, is evolution... evolution? Mmm... Line of thought, not productive," is a reference to the concept of intelligent design.
  • Anub'arak Anub'arak
    • "Raiiid-s!?!" is a reference to Raid, an insecticide.
  • Azmodan Azmodan
    • "Those who believe there are only seven deadly sins lack imagination," is a reference to the Christian concept of the seven deadly sins.
  • Chen Chen
  • Cho'gall Cho'gall
    • "Cho'mama!" (Gall) is a reference to popular yo mama jokes.
  • Diablo Diablo
    • "The Prime Evils can never be divided... except by 1 and evil," is a reference to how in mathematics, a prime number cannot have a positive divisor other than 1 and itself.
    • "Fear... tastes of chicken. [grumbling] Everything tastes of chicken," is a reference to the clichéd phrase "tastes like chicken."
    • "Let's make a deal," is a reference to the popular creative trope of making a deal with the Devil.
  • Falstad Falstad
    • "Uhm, y-you didn't happen to see a little guy in a red shirt around here, did ya? He's always watching me..." is a reference to Ian Bates.
  • Greymane Greymane
    • "By the way, did you know that the Greymane Wall is one of the few objects that can be seen from the Twisting Nether? It's true!" is a reference to the popular myth that the Great Wall of China is visible from space.
    • "A full moon? Tonight? No! I will turn into a monster! Hah, I jest. I can turn and tear out your throat at any time I want!" is a reference to how in most creative works werewolves only transform during a full moon.
  • Johanna Johanna
    • "A crusader, a paladin and a templar walk into a tavern. And then they all have a drink. [laugh] ...no?" is a reference to typical "A priest, a rabbi, and a minister..." jokes.
  • Kael'thas Kael'thas
    • "This your brain. Say hello brain. [second slightly dumber voice: Hello!] And this is your brain on fel magic. [fire effect and second voice screams] Any questions?" is a reference to This Is Your Brain on Drugs, an American anti-drug campaign.
  • Kerrigan Kerrigan
    • "Looks like those energy drinks actually do give you wings," is a reference to Red Bull.
    • "It's not hair, by the way. It's a series of tubes," (available with the Queen of Ghosts skin) is a reference to Ted Stevens on Net Neutrality.[1]
  • Leoric Leoric
  • The Lost Vikings The Lost Vikings
  • Lt. Morales Lt. Morales
    • "Wait, isn't shooting a medic a war crime? Do the Geneva conventions apply in the Nexus?" is a reference to real-world international laws in the Geneva Conventions.
  • Muradin Muradin
    • "You're the dwarf now dawg!," is a reference to YTMND.
  • Nova Nova
    • "Blondes have more fun. [gunshot] See? So fun!" is a reference to a phrase popularized by a Clairol advertising campaign.[2]
  • Rehgar Rehgar
    • "Think of it, an all Shaman Expansion to World of Warcraft... We'll call it: Sham-WoW. The thing... it sells itself," is a reference to popular infomercial product ShamWow.
  • Sonya Sonya
  • Stitches Stitches
    • "Abercrombie and Stitch my favorite clothes," is a reference to popular clothes retailer Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • Sylvanas Sylvanas
    • "A tisket, a tasket, I'll put you in a casket..." is a reference to the American nursery rhyme "A-Tisket, A-Tasket."
  • Tassadar Tassadar
  • Tychus Tychus
    • "Here's how this is gonna work. I spray, you pray," is a reference to the phrase "spray and pray".
  • Tyrande Tyrande
    • "Here, hold this apple for a moment... Alright, now put it on your head. Perfect. It's been quite a while since I've used this bow. [arrow sound]" is a reference to a tale about Swiss folk hero William Tell.
    • "[Doorbell sound] Greetings, my name is Tyrande and this is Sister Shandris. Do you have some spare time to talk about Elune? Here, take this pamphlet. [doors slam] Oh! Hello?" is a reference to Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Uther Uther
    • "You know, you sound awfully familiar," (when interacting with Xul) is a reference to both heroes being voiced by Michael McConnohie.
    • "Yes, it's precisely the kind of comment I'd expect from a troll," (when interacting with Zul'jin) is a reference to the term troll, someone (often on the Internet) who seeks to incite discord for amusement.
  • Zarya Zarya
    • "In mother Russia, this joke is tired of you!" is a reference to Russian reversal jokes.
  • Zul'jin Zul'jin
    • "If ya keep feeding to DIS troll, I'm just gonna keep comin' back," is a reference to the term troll, someone (often on the Internet) who seeks to incite discord for amusement.
    • "Hey! No touching da hair! I dun' grant no stinkin' wishes," is a reference to troll dolls.
    • "Sometime it can be hard to see da forest for da trolls," is a reference to the phrase "can't see the forest for the trees".



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