There are multiple versions of the Earth that exist within the multiverse of the Nexus. One of them is an alternate version of the Overwatch universe, another is based within the Eternal Empire, while the third seems to be based on super-heroes.

A number of Heroes are from this super-hero version.

  • From the martian landscape, Gazlowe gazed upon the Earth with jealous eyes. Soon that glittering sapphire would be his... but first, Super Sonya must be dealt with.
  • Sunstrider Industries CEO Mikael Thoss uses his company's vast wealth and cutting edge technology to protect the innocent as Cyberhawk, the Avian Avenger!
  • While traveling through time, the gladiatrix Sonya was exposed to a radioactive robo-virus. Without a way home, she fights tirelessly to keep the streets of New York safe.
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