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ESL Major League Americas Season 3
Tournament Information
Organizer ESL
Sponsor Twitch
Location Americas
Format League
Prize Pool $10,000
Start Date 07/07/2015
End Date 09/06/2015
Website Website
Stream Stream

The ESL Major League is a season that runs over the course of 8 weeks.


On every Tuesday 8 teams will battle it out to try and qualify for playoffs. Top 4 teams go into a Double Elimination bracket to decide who is top. While the bottom 4 teams must face relegation and play the 4 winners of the Go4Heroes Monthly Tournament to determine if they can stay in the Major Leagues.


  • 7 Week Long 2 Group Round Robin where every team plays each other once
    • Top 2 teams in each group head to Double Elimination Brackets
    • Bottom 4 face relegation
  • Play-offs happen the last week
    • All games are best of 5's. The team that advances to the Grand final through winners bracket has 1 game advantage

Prize Pool[]

$10,000 (USD) is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize (USD) Team
First Place 1st $5,000 C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9
Second Place 2nd $3,000 TempoStormLogo.png Tempo Storm
Third Place3rd $1,500 Coglogo.png COGnitive Gaming
Semifinalist4th $500 Logo complexity.png compLexity Gaming


Group Stage[]

Group A
1. TempoStormLogo.png Tempo Storm 5-0
2. Logo complexity.png compLexity Gaming 4-1
3. LGlogo.png Luminosity Gaming 3-2
4. Kappa Wolves Logo.png Kappa Wolves 2-3
5. JustDOitlogo.png Just DO It! 0-5
6. 2ARC.png 2ARC Gaming 0-5
Group B
1. C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9 5-0
2. Coglogo.png COGnitive Gaming 4-1
3. StellarLotusLogo.png Stellar Lotus 3-2
4. Wild-Growth-Logo.png Wild Growth 2-3
5. Placeholder.png Temple Strudel 0-5
6. Placeholder.png Based God FMB 0-5


  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  TempoStormLogo.png Tempo Storm 3
  Coglogo.png COGnitive Gaming 0
  TempoStormLogo.png Tempo Storm 3
  C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9 0
  Logo complexity.png compLexity Gaming 0
  C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9 3
  TempoStormLogo.png Tempo Storm 2 0
  C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9 3 3
Loser's bracket
  C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9 3
  Coglogo.png COGnitive Gaming 3
  Coglogo.png COGnitive Gaming 0
  Logo complexity.png compLexity Gaming 1


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