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Battleground Information
Unique Objectives
  • Last Gnome Standing
    • The first team to eliminate all of their enemies wins! Hitting a hero three times takes them out for the round.
  • Out of Time
    • Once you've been eliminated, you respawn as a ghost on the enemy team's side. Use Time Traps and Slowing Sands to trip up your opponents!
  • Switch it Up
    • The attacking team and dodging team switch every few seconds. Switching happens more frequently as the round goes no. Stay on your toes!
Lanes 1
Realm Pull Party
Release Date August 25, 2017
It's time for a new brawl. Or has this one already happened? It’s so hard to keep track! Join us for a sand slinging battle for the ages, where you play as one of 10 identical masters of the temporal arts – Chromie![1]

Dodge-BRAWL is a Brawl in Heroes of the Storm. It's a modified version of Pull Party.


  • Everyone plays as Genie Chromie, on either the attacking or defending team.
    • Attackers are equipped with extremely long-range Sand Blasts, but no other abilities or talents.
    • Defenders have access to no abilities and must dodge incoming attacks.
      • If a defender is hit with 5 Sand Blasts they will be killed, resulting in them spawning as a “Ghost” on the opposite side, where they will have access to Time Traps and will grant vision and slow attackers.
    • Rounds will last 10 seconds at first, with each switch reducing total round time.
      • If round lengths reach 3.5 seconds, Sudden Death will commence.
        • Tornadoes will spawn at the outer rim of the map and slowly travel towards inward, pushing all players to the center.
  • The first team to win three rounds will be crowned victorious!


Complete three matches of Dodge-BRAWL to earn a Loot Chest!


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