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You have died

Death occurs when a Hero takes sufficient damage (also known as Fatal Damage) to be reduced to zero health. Upon dying, the screen is shaded dark blue, a death recap and death timer are displayed, experience is rewarded to the enemy team and other hero-specific events may occur, as detailed below. The death of all five members of a team simultaneously is referred to as a Wipe.

Death Timer[edit | edit source]

Upon death, every player must wait a given amount of time noted on the screen. The Hero respawns at the Hall of Storms with full health after the Death Timer has been counting down. The time increases with every level.

ALT + left-clicking a dead Hero's portrait will generate a chat message indicating that Hero's remaining respawn time.

Level Death Time
1 15 sec
2 16 sec
3 17 sec
4 18 sec
5 19 sec
6 20 sec
7 21 sec
8 22 sec
9 23 sec
10 24 sec
11 26 sec
12 29 sec
13 32 sec
14 36 sec
15 40 sec
16 44 sec
17 50 sec
18 56 sec
19 62 sec
20+ 65 sec

Cheat Death[edit | edit source]

Auriel resurrecting Raynor

Ways to prevent death when reaching zero health[edit | edit source]

  • Artanis cannot be killed when his trait "Shield Overload" is off cooldown.
  • D.Va's level 13 talent "Emergency Shield" grants her a Shield if she takes fatal damage in the Mech form.
  • Fenix's level 20 talent "Unconquered Spirit" regains him a Shield from his trait "Shield Capacitor" if he takes fatal damage.
  • Johanna's level 20 talent "Indestructible" grants her a Shield if she takes fatal damage.
  • Kharazim's level 10 heroic ability "Divine Palm" protects an allied Hero from death, causing them to enter stasis and be healed if they take fatal damage.
  • Zul'jin's level 10 heroic ability "Taz'dingo" prevents him from being reduced below 1 health.

Ways to reduce the length of the death timer[edit | edit source]

  • Auriel's level 10 talent "Resurrect" brings an allied Hero back to life at the location where they died after 5 seconds.
  • Cho's level 20 talent "Hour of Twilight" reduces Cho'gall's death timer by 50%.
  • Diablo can collect souls by killing minions and Heroes. If he has enough souls upon dying, he resurrects in 5 seconds. Also creates a red overlay on the screen.
  • Kel'Thuzad's level 4 talent "Phylactery of Kel'Thuzad" can be activated while dead to instantly respawn at the Hall of the Storms after he collects 12 Regeneration Globes. Every resurrection using phylactery resets this quest.
  • Leoric's trait, "Undying", makes him able to use some abilites and talents in the ghost form which reduce his death timer.
  • Malthael's level 20 talent "No one can Stop Death" can be activated while dead to instantly respawn at the Hall of the Storms.
  • Murky can spawn an Egg. Upon dying, he respawns at the Egg after 8 seconds. Also creates an egg overlay on the screen.
  • The Lost Vikings' level 10 talent "Play Again!" allows them to revive all dead Lost Vikings.
  • The Lost Vikings' level 20 talent "The Sequel!" reduces the Lost Vikings' death timer by 50%.
  • Uther's level 20 talent "Redemption" resurrects him at his spirit's location when spirit expires.

Ways to increase the length of the death timer[edit | edit source]

  • Gul'dan's level 13 talent "Dark Bargain" increases his maximum Health permanently by 25% but his Death Respawn time is increased by 15 seconds.
  • Murky's level 20 talent "Big Tuna Kahuna" doubles both his maximum Health and his Egg respawn time.
  • Malthael's level 20 talent "No one can Stop Death" increases his death timer by 25% if he dies after reviving.

Post-death events[edit | edit source]

  • Diablo's level 20 talent "Dying Breath" automatically casts "Apocalypse" for free when he dies.
  • E.T.C.'s level 20 talent "Death Metal" automatically casts "Mosh Pit" for free at his death location.
  • When Junkrat dies, he drops five grenades that explode after 0.75 seconds, dealing damage.

Special death state[edit | edit source]

  • Gall's level 20 talent "Psychotic Break" allows him to use Abilities after death for 10 seconds.
  • When Tyrael dies, he becomes invulnerable and explodes for some damage after 3.5 seconds.
  • When Uther dies, he becomes invulnerable for 8 seconds and can heal allies.
  • When Leoric dies, he becomes a ghost. While in ghost form his health regenerates and when full, he resurrects. He can also use some abilities, but they do no damage.