Heroes of the Storm Wiki

Currency is the multiple means by which players may purchase various cosmetic items and Heroes within Heroes of the Storm.


  • Gold: used to purchase Heroes, rare Loot Chests and Loot Chest re-rolls.
  • Gems: used to purchase Heroes, Bundles, Stimpacks, and Featured Items.
    • Gems can be purchased using real money in the Gem Shop.
    • Enter the Gem Shop by clicking the “+” button found next to the Gem counter added to the top navigation bar in the game’s menus.
    • Players are awarded 1000 Gems at Player Level 5 and occasionally receive more through progression
    • Featured items rotate regularly
  • Shards: crafting material that can be collected and used to forge Heroes, Skins, Mounts, Announcers, Banners, Emoji packs, Sprays, Portraits, and Voice Lines.
    • Varying amounts of Shards can appear as Loot Chest drops.
    • Any duplicate items received in a Loot Chest will automatically fragment into Shards.​